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  • help everyone do carpentry

    give you a detailed description of carpentry construction technology and carpentry acceptance criteria, to help everyone do carpentry home inspection work. First, carpentry construction technology 1, wood floor wood floor decoration is more attention in the process of woodworking. Due to the diversity of wood floors, so the construction process is not the same wood. If it is stuck in the wood, in the
    decoration, we should first in the concrete structure with mortar leveling; if it is the floor of the floor should be done at the grassroots level to achieve a wooden sound insulation effect. 2, wooden doors and windows this type of woodworking construction technology is also in accordance with the type of door and window changes. Generally speaking, if it is a flat door window, we should determine the location
    of the installation position to do a good job, then the door should be placed in the window frame position, a little fixed. Then we have to use the tool to the door window Jining correction, to find a straight handle, then it firmly fixed. Finally we get the hinge slot. 3, the wood paneling on the wall elastic gear is the first step in the woodworking construction technology, we should be in this is fixed and Mucha
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