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alignment, the gap between the smaller



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  • alignment, the gap between the smaller

    remove any one, to see if the surface is smooth and intact, glaze should be uniform, bright, no spots, missing glaze, bump phenomenon, around the edges neat. Glaze is not bright, unsmooth or have bubble, all belong to quality problem. 2, and then take a piece of brick, two pieces of alignment, the gap between the smaller the better. If it is a pattern brick, we must use four pieces to piece together a complete pattern, and we should also care whether the design of the
    brick is connected and clear. Then a box of bricks out of all, lying in a big plane, the effect from some distance, whether white, other color or pattern, color consistency, such as individual bricks or deep or shallow, will affect the entire decorative effect is ugly. 3, put these bricks up a hard piece, compare the consistency of the size of bricks, small bricks to allow plus or minus deviation of 1 mm, allowing the brick of plus or minus 2 mm. 4, take a brick to knock
    another piece, or other hard objects to knock on the bricks, brick if the sound is ringing, loud, indicating good quality of brick, burned cooked; if the abnormal sound and that there are brick heavy leather or crack phenomenon: heavy leather is brick forming material in the air. No discharge caused between materials and materials with good, internal crack on the surface does not come out, only listen to the voice to identify. About floor tiles of the pros and cons of
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