SANY Motor Grader SAG160-5 is built to deliver maximum performance with reliable components and super design. The motor grader is mainly used to grade and level the road as well as snow removing and other heavy duty work. Road Machinery Being efficient and environmental-friendly, SAG160-5 is well-received in the market and has been keeping a high sales volume.

Engine is the “heart” of motor graders, which can provide great power to the machine. Roller Compactor SANY SAG160-5 adopts TierⅢ engine and German Bosch high pressure common rail oil injection system, which saves 10% of fuel consumption and made lower noise at the same time.Sany America Equipped with international famous ZF electro-hydraulic automated transmissionsystem and ZF electric handle, SAG160-5 is ease of operation, which effectively alleviates operator’s working pressure and greatly improves working efficiency.

It is not weird that motor grader works in snowy weather, SAG160-5 has the functions specially designed for removing snow, not only making the road clean but protecting the road from damage. excavator heavy equipment Also, SAG160-5 can be equipped with roller in the back, which can further improve the efficiency of removing the snow. After cleaning the snow, no sweeping is needed before paving the asphalt, greatly improving the working efficiency in snowy weather. mini excavators for sale