temperature, natural Tiancheng, without formaldehyde, fire, waterproof, never deformation. Its high simulation effect, the real restore original natural wood natural feeling. 3, Hanaga Hisakumako: Kroraina ceramic flooring ultra resistant, acid and alkali resistance, long long time to accompany you forever. 4, easy to enjoy life: Kroraina porcelain wood floor, ceramic endoplasmic, easy to clean, good maintenance, a trailer on the OK, let you easily live. 5,
harvest more warmth: Kroraina porcelain wood flooring is most suitable for geothermal heating, the same thermal temperature than the solid wood floor 5 degrees Celsius, efficient and more energy efficient. 6, do Environmental Protection Ambassador: protect nature, protect the environment, choose Kroraina porcelain wood floor, you are the messenger of environmental protection. 7, return to the original ecological life: Kroraina porcelain wood floor not
only can be used in the living room, bedroom, but also used in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, so that you feel the original ecology of natural life everywhere. 8, let them go to envy: ceramic flooring by embossing dies or heavy glaze technology to fully restore the wooden foot feeling, even moth effects are done like, is fundamentally sandalwood, teak, rosewood, oak and other precious wood species were twins, even the Europeans for. 9, reflect shopping
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