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and scratch resistant. Network floor features



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  • and scratch resistant. Network floor features

    wear, service life is far greater than the other floors, the entire plate thickness is 40mm. Fire resistance reaches grade a. Ceramic anti-static floor applicable range: widely used in a variety of computer rooms, equipment, computer rooms and various requirements of high-grade computer room. 3, composite anti-static floor composite anti-static floor material: particleboard or cement, inorganic board foundation, the above can choose a variety of veneer materials.
    Composite anti-static floor features: mature technology, good exchange performance, cheap price. Scope of application: widely used in all kinds of computer rooms, especially multimedia classrooms, monitoring rooms, general office machines, etc.. 4, aluminum anti-static floor, aluminum anti-static floor products features: all aluminum components, the upper plate is hard steel, the lower plate is a deep tensile steel plate. The utility model has the advantages of large
    bearing capacity, strong resistance to shock, good interchange performance, beautiful paving effect, waterproof, fireproof and anti-static electricity. Aluminum anti-static floor range: widely used in a variety of computer rooms, especially communication room, data transmission center, such as higher anti-static requirements and high load room. 5, network flooring, network floor material: This product is all steel construction, the use of high quality steel plate
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