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Glad to be back - question about Stevia plant leaves



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  • Glad to be back - question about Stevia plant leaves

    Hello All,

    It has been a very bad 3 years that I have been away. Breast cancer, congestive heart failure (Chemo the gift that keeps on giving) have taken their toll but I am ready to get back into Primal/Keto as I always feel my best eating ancestral.

    The carnitas are in the crockpot and I am readying for the rest of the recipes. I do have one question about stevia leaves. I grow my own stevia and want to know if it is acceptable to use the leaves of my plants instead of liquid stevia? (I was unable to find this answered in the forum)

    Look forward to getting to know the Mark's Daily Apple family again.


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    Welcome back Goldengrokette! Wow, that's quite a story... even in the short version. Good for you for getting back on track! but if you're short on time: the leaves are probably fine to use.
    "Don't sweat the small stuff and relax about the whole process"


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      Thank you Lovebird, I used them in the coleslaw because my husband is doing this with me and he likes sweeter slaw. It was really good.

      Didn't want to bore anyone with the long version just happy to be as back to normal as possible. I did do a fasting protocol during chemo that was fantastic for limiting bad symptoms (nausea and gastric) and making my white blood cells come roaring back after the sessions. The oncologist is now doing an actual trial on the fasting. Was amazed that anyone would want to do it! Of course, I had remained gluten free from my earlier primal days so it was easier for me to fast for 4 days without having carb cravings.

      The CHF was a bolt out of no where. My heart is regaining function so there is a good possibility it will not be a permanent condition. My cardiologist thinks I might be one of the lucky ones.

      Jumped right into the Keto eating (skipped the reset because it would add carbs in that I am not used to eating). Feeling great already. Loved the Ginger Beet Smoothie. Never had a smoothie before because of all the sugar.

      Thank you for the welcome.