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    I posted a brief piece about myself in the intro thread, but here I'm going to try to go into more detail about myself.

    I'm a 22 year old male, I live in North Saint Paul in Minnesota, and I work in both a retail pharmacy and as a medic in the army reserve. I live in an apartment with my two brothers and my brother's girlfriend, and also two cats. I'm about 6'1", 197 pounds, and slightly overweight. Not to the point that I'm visibly obese, but if I took my shirt off, you'd see I have love handles.

    I first heard of the paleolithic diet about two and a half years ago (it was referred to as the "caveman diet", and thought it was a big bucket of hog wash. At the time, I was still convinced that the human body needs carbohydrates to stay fueled, and that saturated fat was bad for you. I saw it again and again a few more times later, and then about a year ago, I finally decided to read into the paleo diet. I did, and it made perfect sense... every word of it. I tried it hear and there, only to "fall of the wagon" as they say. I should note that I was never thinking about health, but just being different, or cool.

    I guess within the last month I decided to give it yet another try, and I plan to stick with it this time. So far, I'm kinda easing into it. I've put away starches such as bread, rice, corn, and potatoes for good (for the most part), and all sugary drinks. I only drink unsweetened tea, unsweetened coconut milk, fruit juice (the real stuff like Naked brand smoothies, not flavored sugar water), and whole milk. I'm actually considering doing away with milk too. I still eat cheese and butter; because they have tons of saturated fat and no sugar, and I eat a lot of eggs (I wouldn't be surprised if I found myself eating about half a dozen eggs per day) sometimes raw, sometimes cooked.

    I lost interest in chicken and pork (except bacon, I love bacon), I guess because I figure that whatever they can do, beef can do much better... and I eat a lot of beef (either porterhouse or rib-eye is my cut of choice). I love lamb as well, but it's a bit expensive. I buy organic as often as I can, but have not found any organic or grass fed beef anywhere as of yet. There's a whole foods supermarket across town, so I might check it out there.

    I also eliminated all vegetable oils, salt (I still use sea salt sparingly), table sugar, and vinegar. I should cut booze too, but I really hate to part with my beloved craft beers... and I do have red wine once in a while. I avoid MSG and nitrates/nitrites like the plague... and they're not a whole lot better than the plague either. I take a men's multivitamin and a vitamin b complex every day. I'm trying to stay between 2,000 and 2,200 calories per day, and under 100 grams of carbs per day... nothing special, both pretty reasonable. I walk to and from work everyday (well, usually 4 days out of the week), and that takes about an hour (20 minutes on a bike).

    So, there I am. I'm not bothering with the whole lifestyle thing, although I do get outside and get active and explore anyways, so I consider myself somewhat in touch with nature. If I had my way, I'd live in Africa or northern Minnesota or somewhere and just hunt for my food. Well, just saying hi, introducing my self, and letting y'all know who I am, and what I'm about.
    "All of God's creatures have a natural habitat... my dinner plate." -Me

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    Welcome Joel! Have you looked into Primal here, as opposed to Paleo? They are different.

    Milk, cheese and butter are fine if you can digest them. People who need to lose lots of weight usually need to ditch them. But you probably don't.

    No need to eliminate vinegar or salt. Vinegar is good stuff and salt is fine in moderation.

    Potatoes and white rice are not terrible. Just go easy on them.

    Fruit juice, even the good quality stuff, turns into fat unless you are burning it off with tons of heavy work. I would try to ditch them. Low glycemic fruits like berries are good.

    Red wine is fine. Beer isn't as good, but a couple of beers once a week won't kill you.

    Can you get in some sprints a couple times a week (on foot or bike)? Do you do any weights? You can find exercises here in MDA.

    Walking to work four days a week may get you enough vitamin D, at least in warm weather. In the winter, you may want to take a supplement.

    To stick with primal this time, remember that you don't have to do it perfectly. If you slip, just enjoy it and come right back. Grok on!
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