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    Hey, there!

    I'm 23 years old (well, 23 on the 8th of June) and just getting started. I've experimented with going primal in the past, but I wasn't fully committed and gave up quickly.

    My main motivation for going primal is to feel better, physically and emotionally.

    At age 15, I was obese and had high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high fasting glucose, and all those other symptoms of the so-called metabolic syndrome along with PCOS. Then, at age 18, I left for college and lost some weight by having to walk everywhere, since I didn't have a car. I still remember throwing back mochas and immediately having to take a nap due to the sugar/caffeine spike. I was still in pretty bad shape. I began lifting weights and felt better, but still not what I would call "good."

    Eventually, I began to suffer from severe depression and soon moved back home. It was then that I started to research insulin resistance and nutrition. I'd been given Metformin to help increase my insulin sensitivity, and as soon as I began taking it regularly, I dropped down to 110lbs, which at 4'11" wasn't fantastic but was a HUGE improvement. I also began experimenting with my diet, occasionally going "low carb" or spreading my carbs out between six small meals a day. I even did some heavy weight lifting and had impressive muscles for a gal.

    Unfortunately, I had some more major personal issues to deal with, and as depression began to creep back into my life, my commitment to my health deteriorated. That's sort of where I stand today. My depression has been gone for the past year or so, but I gained a good 15-20lbs in the healing process and over the past year with my new sit-down job. I'd like to lose it all and then some, get my energy levels back, and reduce my dependence on carbs for a serotonin boost.

    For the past four days, I've been about 75% primal, which isn't great but is an improvement. I'm learning that the best thing to do is PLAN AHEAD. I'm working on cutting out coffee and replacing it with tea, mainly green tea, but it's difficult. I'm used to that large caffeine hit in the morning. I am consuming dairy, but so far mostly organic cottage cheese and organic greek yogurt. I'm not much of a cook, but eating this way is forcing me to experiment in the kitchen. My energy levels have been a little low, but I'm pretty sure it's because I've reduced my caffeine intake. I am noticing that I no longer have the urge to snack all night. I used to think it was boredom eating, but apparently not since the urges went away two days after I started eating this way.

    Anyway, sorry for the life story. Nice to meet, y'all.

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    Congrats! And for just starting out 75% primal is awesome! It is hard to change your habits instantly. It takes time and while 75% compliance right now might take some effort and thought on your part, soon it will be that 90% - 95% will just come naturally! Don't beat yourself up and just do the best you can. Glad to have you on the journey with us all!


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      Welcome! It's great that you've found primal. Like Shamra said, 75% is a good start. Keep plugging away.
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