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  • meh

    My name is Rebecca. I am 28 years old, 5'5" and arounnd 155. A few months ago I tried Atkins to jump start a weight loss. I started out at 159 and went down to 145 befor plateuing. Needless to say
    I've gained most of it back.

    I felt fantastic but found it difficult and anoying to count carbs while trying to add some stuff back into my diet in order to find my carb tolerance.

    I started working overtime at my job and taking care of four little ones made it pretty difficult to keep counting. Blah! Also I found Atkins lacking in some ways.

    This diet sounds much easier. Instead of counting I just try to balance a few simple macronutrients : Meat, Veg, Fat. Simple. That hard part may be affording a 100% primal diet while feeding five other family members as well. I'll probably be 100% for a few weeks then simply try to lay off the grains as Avoiding them makes me feel so amazing.
    So glad for this forum.

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    To be honest it's fairly easy to put together a table that accommodates paleo and CW. Just rein in the pasta and potatoes a bit, and bulk up the veggies (everyone can benefit from the second part!). When I visit my parents we are catering to a paleo, a vegetarian, and an individual who refuses to eat vegetables. It's very much a Jack Sprat thing.

    Actually, this brought to mind another bugbear of mine; if you are in the habit of plating up for people, stop it. Right now. Nothing drives me crazier than eating at a friend or relatives place and having them plate for me. How do you know what and how much they want to eat? Use serving dishes and let them help themselves.
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