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Trying to understand the differences between Primal and Paleo

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    Jeesh Archer, I dont mean in my meat lol

    I mean veggies! Raw SUNNY VEGGIES!

    The human body when eating more than 51 percent or more cooked food, reacts like the food is foreign, releases more white blood cells etc. I am trying to remember what the medical term is called, but for me its just another reason to eat more raw veggies. Not that I would want to go Full vegetarian any time soon, but in the short term, I have seen some amazing health benefits.

    If you had the opportunity to watch Food Matters, I watched a guy that weight in at the 360 mark, lose 97+ pounds in 60 days and get off all his meds. He did that via Juicing everyday--60 day Fresh Juice Fast.

    I've seen type 1 and 2 diabetes reversed in 30 days of a raw diet (Medical Doctors Present)

    Personally I've seen a huge difference in myself when I got off of wheat and ate a diet that wouldn't spike my blood sugar.
    I'd like to see what else is possible if I make some serious changes


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      With everything going back to "evolution and 400 million years ago"---I am having a hard time getting through this book.

      No one else finds it ironic to use the word "Blueprint" and "Evolution" in the same sentence? /facepalm
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        On the upside, I am already doing most of the things talked about.....already believe the things mentioned. So the endgame of guidelines will fit with my belief system perfectly.