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  • New College Student :)

    Hello all!

    I'm a junior at ashland university in Ohio. I am thoroughly interested in the primal lifestyle. I am also a fan of intermittent fasting. I just ordered the Primal Blue Print today and I can't wait to read it. I'm probably a good 15-20lb over weight due to my love of sugar!

    Question...How long did it take for you to get off the sugar? Did you just stop one day and never look back? Any good tips?

    I am super aware of the dangers of sugar, and I really want to stop eating it!!!!!! ughhhh

    PWG (the warrior is in reference to Ori's Warrior lifestyle, which I am also a fan of)

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    I just did it all cold turkey. Sugar,artificial sweetners, caffine. It sucks for a little while but after a week or so its no big deal. Some others have made some concotions with stevia to drink and kind of phased it out.
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      Thanks! yea cold turkey seems like the way to go. hope these first few weeks fly


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        Yeap.. Decided one day that Primal was the way to go, and just did it. Took me a good week to kick sugar, but I definitely feel better. Still love sugar though, and at times the cravings are a bitch, but take it one day at a time!

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