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    I've been doing the Weston Price diet for about a month now which is very similar to Primal except I have 2 cups of raw milk a day. I've gained 2 pounds and haven't lost anything. However, I do feel much better and part of the reason that I'm doing this is because I was getting every sickness from my kids. So, I don't know what I"m doing wrong here. I am following the diet except for the 2 glasses of milk and when I do check my calories, I'm at around 1500 - 2000. I am also not getting a lot of sleep and just finished breast feeding my 14 month old about 6 weeks ago. My pants are a bit snug and that hasn't changed. Should I just be drinking 1 glass of milk instead of many calories should I be eating. I'm not excercising either and plan to start that in a week. I'm really thirsty and hungry between meals too. I currently am 5ft 8, 42 years old, 170 pounds and would like to be 160 (150 would be wonderful!). Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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    Ignore your calorie counts. Drink the milk if you want it, or not, if you don't. Dairy causes stalls for some, but I wouldn't worry about that just yet. Eat primal food until you are no longer hungry, then stop. If you are hungry between meals, eat more fat and protein at your meals. If you are thirsty, drink water. Tea and coffee are okay, if the caffeine doesn't bother you and you don't use sweeteners.

    Get your sleep in order, as best as you can. Poor sleep can stall weight loss.

    Breastfeeding/halting breastfeeding has a whole lot of hormonal issues going on that your body is going through. (Increased appetite, need for sleep, need for nutrition).

    Finally, you've been on a whole foods way of eating for a month, and when did you give up grains? Some people have a longer transition period, and some people have a longer healing period before they start losing weight. With the breastfeeding transition on top of it, you have more going on there than most do, and may need a bit more time.

    Relax. Eat well, and get lots and lots of sleep. Let your body stabilize and heal. You said you feel much better- just wait, 'cause your body isn't done feeling better. You are doing things correctly so far, so keep going.
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      My understanding is that Weston Price recommends traditionally prepared grains and legumes. Are you eating these? They are discouraged in primal. I eat some legumes and white rice, but they are likely to keep you from losing fat.

      Exercise is important but you can't lose much fat with it. Diet is way more important.

      Could you post more details about your diet?
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        I never lost weight eating a price style diet. I easily lost 50lbs when I shifted over to Primal. Try following a primal diet for a while and see what happens.
        Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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          I also never good result by eating a price style diet. I also go with jammies that you should try primal diet and keep strictness on your diet plan. I hope that you will lose weight.


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            Good Morning~
            I recently have become familiar with the Primal/Paleo way of eating. I'm about 3 weeks into it and already see changes. I found the transition went
            easier than I had anticipated. I've always had "digestive" issues and have been on a quest to find a lifestyle that suits my body. I'm quite certain I have found it in Primal/Paleo eating. My one question to date is, can you suggest anything for those of us who still need to drop a few pounds? I have lost over 70lbs pre Primal/Paleo and stalled out for quite a while. Once I starting eating Primal/Paleo, I lost almost 8 pounds in the first 2 weeks and am so exctited! It truly 'fell' off with little effort other than eating Primal/Paleo. However, nothing this week. I'm still about 25lbs from my healthy weight. I'm watching my nut intake and keeping my carbs to berries and veggies having only 2 servings per day. Is this normal to stall out or am I just being impatient?


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              My diet - in reponse to one poster...

              I have 1.5 tbs of coconut oil before every meal.

              Breakfast = 1 glass of milk, 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon or a sausage and an egg.
              Lunch = 2 eggs, salad and an apple or leftover meat, slices of veggie and an apple
              Dinner = some kind of meat...about 5oz, a veggie with butter on it and a glass of milk

              I haven't been tracking calorie content but I did today and looks like I ate about 2000 calories. I tracked it a few days ago and I counted 1500.

              Also, I'm pretty constipated.


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                Originally posted by swelkind View Post
                Also, I'm pretty constipated.
                I'm no expert on paleo living. But I'm gold when it comes to constipation. I won't delve too deeply into that... but im interested in what you class as "slices of veggie" or "a veggie with butter on it" and just how much water you drink.

                Protein can block you up.. but the veggie should be providing the fibre to push that meat through. It'll never happen if you're dehydrated, however.


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                  How to Lower Your Blood Sugar
                  Fatty Acid Oxidation


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                    You should probably drop down the carb foods if you are not exercising. Exercise will lower blood sugar and help make sure any excess carbs are burned off and not stored as fat. So, drop the rice and prepared grains if you do them, and the milk. If you want milk, at least walk after you drink it. Just something to try. Lower carb helped me and others, at least while you try to lose.


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                      For constipation, I like to take magnesium oxide 500mg-1000mg daily (usually takes 1 day to kick in). I take 1000mg, but this much gives some people the runs. Or, I eat more fat, but with your CO, your fat looks good. If you are constipated, eating insoluble fiber is not a good idea because it will just back you up more. Water does help keep your BMs hydrated and the magnesium pulls the hydration into the BM to get them moving in a very natural way. Lots of people are deficient in magnesium so keep your eye on that in the future.


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                        Originally posted by June View Post
                        For constipation...
                        Gut Sense: Restoring Natural Bowel Movements
                        AHS Slides_DrBG and Tim Gerstmar


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                          How to Eat According to the Primal Blueprint | Mark's Daily Apple

                          this is the best way I know to ensure I am getting it right. For me, I would do way more green veggies (spinach, kale, salad greens, etc) and while you are trying to lose no apples or fruits with the possible rare exception of berries. that should help with fat loss (take you measurements as well as using the scale) as well as the constipation.

                          Good Luck
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