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First few days BUT - unpleasant bowel movements :(

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  • First few days BUT - unpleasant bowel movements :(


    I've been primal eating for the past few days and I'm experiencing slight diarrhea. I'll detail what I've been eating below, and if anyone has any idea if I should be raising or lowering any quantity of a certain food, please let me know. Or, if this is normal and will pass once my body adjusts, also please tell me

    Tuesday: bowl of pear and kiwi fruit as well as an omelette muffin thing that had eggs, spring onion, tomato and bacon in it. then some blueberries and strawberries. then another omelette muffin. then leftover lamb chopped up and mixed with lettuce, tomato, celery, cucumber and carrot. dinner was (unfortunately it was family dinner night at my mums) homemade lasagne with a salad.

    Wednesday: bowl of pear and kiwi fruit and an omelette muffin. then blueberries and strawberries. then a salad (lettuce, carrot, cucumber, celery, tomato) with chopped up chicken and omelette pieces. then for dinner a steak with salad (lettuce, carrot, cucumber, celery). after dinner a few spoons of raspberries with cream.

    Thursday: boiled egg and bowl of pear and kiwi fruit. then blueberries and strawberries. then large bowl of chopped up boiled egg, chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, celery and carrot. apple. dinner was sausages with my usual salad.

    Friday: chicken pieces and bowl of pear. blueberries and strawberries. slice of broccoli/bacon frittata/quiche thing. apple. then chicken with diced cucumber, tomato and lettuce. haven't had dinner yet.

    Any ideas or tips? I am finding i can resist my usual staple of cookies, popcorn, chocolate, and all the carbs i used to have in bread and pasta, but i feel hungry a lot, and obviously i don't want these bowel movements to stay like this.

    Thanks heaps!

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    Try ditching the kiwi fruit and see what happens. Lots of people eat it, or take a kiwi extract to treat constipation as it has a laxative effect

    Otherwise, if you're eating lots more veggies & fruit in general than you did previously, it may just take you a while to adjust.
    Your gut probably won't have the flora it needs to digest the amounts of veggie matter you're eating now, so that could be it.

    Former IBS suffer here too, over 2 years without serious issue now thanks to primal/paleo
    A couple of minor upsets when I've decided to use my 20% to eat stuff I shouldn't, or someone's snuck garlic into my food (one of my worst triggers). But even the response to garlic is much less intense than it was a few years ago, now just a bit of bloating and some cramps at worst, whereas it used to cripple me.

    My dad also suffered the same for decades. To the point where he was virtually living off of mushrooms on toast because anything else caused him problems. Now, after 8 months on primal (and probably only 75% at that) he's much improved and can eat a whole host of veggies that would have crippled him a year ago.

    Stick with it and I'm sure you'll see improvements
    If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

    Originally posted by tfarny
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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      Oh no!! Not the kiwi fruit! Hahah i love it!

      I might wait a few more days, see how I go. Hopefully it's because I never used to have as much fruit/vegies.

      Thanks for the help, I do want to stick with it because even though I am not really that overweight, I know I've treated my body badly. I'm just lucky i have a fast metabolism, or I'd be the size of a house with all the crap I used to have!

      Thanks again, i'll give an update with my outcome later!


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        I had many issues at first... took some probiotics for a month cleared everything right up.

        Just some food for thought


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          I'm thinking you might want to get rid of the pears, maybe swap it for a citrus fruit ,and see if that helps. Pears are high in fructose which can cause bloating and diarrhea. "FODMAPS" to find out more about low-fructose foods.