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안녕 Ahn-nyung from Seoul, Korea

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  • 안녕 Ahn-nyung from Seoul, Korea

    Hello! My name's Kate. I'm a Colorado native living in Seoul, Korea for the past two and half years. I've been a vegetarian most of my life, but slowly incorporating meat into my diet. I was tired of being tired and having to eat every 4 hours. Since my mother, age 60, got on the Primal diet this summer, and have lost a fair amount of weight I've been interested in it.

    Besides the new diet, I love traveling (spent 6 months this summer going back to the States and through SE Asia), rock climbing, and running. I'm a grad student, teacher, and korean language learner (very slowly).

    As with everyone, I would like to lose fat and ton up. Can't wait to see the gradual transformation this summer, in time to go learn scuba diving in the Philippians this February.

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    Welcome, Kate.


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      Hi Kate!

      I'm a former vegetarian, too



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        Anyone else see "Ahn-nyung" and the first thing that comes to mind is Arrested Development?
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          Welcome! My boyfriend was stationed in Seoul for nearly a year and he loved it there.
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            Originally posted by goldsmith View Post
            anyone else see "ahn-nyung" and the first thing that comes to mind is arrested development?
            YES!! hahaha


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              Originally posted by Goldsmith View Post
              Anyone else see "Ahn-nyung" and the first thing that comes to mind is Arrested Development?
              Naturally. I loved that show. It's awesome that they're planning a movie out of it (as long as it doesn't suck).

              Oh, and welcome, Kate!
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                Welcome Kate! I'm half Korean and lived in Seoul for a few years. I imagine it's hard to be a vegetarian there but it's easy to be Primal with Korean food.
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                  Thanks ya'll. It's really hard to be a veggie in Seoul. My friend's been a veggie for 10+yrs around the world and she said she starved in Korea. Almost glad to be back eating meat again, loosing weight and feeling healthy.


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                    Hi Kate! Welcome!
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