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  • Which Book To Buy?

    Hello All,

    First timer here, worked with a guy this past week who swears by this stuff. Which book do you recommend, 21 Day Transformation or The Primal Blueprint. Been doing low carb diet but want something better. Worked out to P90X, Insanity and am looking into TacFit Commando now. Looking at changing my life style and lose about 45 pounds and look healthy like I was back in the military. Thank you for your time.


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    I'm fairly new - 1 month in. I bought both books. the 21 Day book is a little updated, still explains the hows and whys... seems like it is a little more concise. I enjoyed both but when I buy the book for others, I choose the 21 Day one thinking they might be more apt to read it because it is a little shorter and a little more specific in the "how to".... and has lots o' pix of the exercises etc. which some may appreciate.

    PB might be a little more in depth about the why you should follow primal eating....
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      If you can afford it, buy both.21 day is more updated, but the Primal blueprint has alot more detailed information


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        I would start with the 21 Day book and go from there.
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          Vanessa, I just checked out your blog. Love it! I'm just starting out myself and am trying to get my hands on as much information as possible. I started with Wheat Belly, which led me to MDA, I bought both the 21 day and the PB...and since I really need cooking ideas, bought Everyday Paleo, Paleo Comfort Foods and am stalking every Paleo/Primal blog I can.


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            If you want step by step program for the first 21 days with a reasonable amount of the info behind stuff go with the 21 day transformation book.

            If you want more of the why behind stuff go for the Primal Blueprint.


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              I have yet to get the newest- I bought the trio- the Primal BP and the two cookbooks- my only cookbooks- and my favorite books

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                I found the 21-Day Total Body Transformation book very useful for convincing family members to join in and for keeping us all motivated, however, the information is very abbreviated. I ended up buying The Primal Blueprint anyway, and also gifting an additional copy to my mother (only $3.99 for Kindle, cheaper than most mass-market paperbacks) because we like to know the reasoning and science behind what we're doing.

                If I didn't own any of Mark's books, and I could only buy one, I think I'd choose one of the cookbooks over either of the above. For me, an arsenal of recipes is the most useful tool.


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                  Easy choice. But the 21 day transformation book. I'm in the middle of it and am floored by how Mark put together the book. He explains what needs to be explained in a way that everyone will be able to understand. It gets to the point and goes into little detail when necessary.

                  If you want to read more (you will) then read the first book - The Primal Blueprint. Then read The Paleo Solution then more niche style books such as "Wheat Belly" (have yet to read).

                  Oh, and watch "Fat Head" immediately!
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