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Caring for a parent with Alzheimer's.... is there a Celiac connection?

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  • Caring for a parent with Alzheimer's.... is there a Celiac connection?

    My mom is 82 years-old and looking at an Alzheimer's diagnosis but interestingly her older sister is 84 years-old and is still fine. The only difference between the two is that her older sister was diagnosed Celiac several years ago and has been off all wheat products since. Do you think that there is possibly a connection between the two?

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    I absolutely do.
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      I don't know if there is a connection but it couldn't hurt to change her diet a little and see if it helps.

      I just want to say Bless you for taking care of your Mother. She is lucky to have you.


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        Could Alzheimer's Dementia Be Caused by a Virus? | Psychology Today


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          Dig- yes, it could be related to undiagnosed gluten sensitivity.
          But also check vitamin B12 levels. Below 250 and dementia is very possible. Especially in the elderly. NPH, or normal pressure hydrocephalus is the 3rd thing I wonder about.

          Good luck!


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            Thank you all for your comments and support.

            Alzheimer's is hard no matter how you slice it, and I'm probably grasping at straws here, but it does seem interesting that the ONLY one of mom's siblings to NOT get Alzheimer's is the one who adopted a gluten-free diet many years ago. I will also look into her B12 levels. Deficiency does run in our family (I have to supplement myself). Her doctor says that her B12 levels are fine, but we all know that U.S. reference ranges are way too low and doctors will say that it's fine as long as their patient is within that range.

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              Has your mom been tested for Celiac or gluten intolerance? If she has either of those there's probably a definite connection. Sometimes Celiac manifests itself in abnormal ways instead of with the normal stomach problems. Either way, it definitely can't hurt anything to make some changes. Here's a few articles I pulled up:

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                Not sure it's pertinent, but my mom had Alzheimer's (passed away in 2005) and now that I am learning about these things, I am quite certain she had undiagnosed celiac disease... she suffered terribly from colitis, arthritis, etc. her whole life. Was diagnosed at age 65 and passed away at age 72. I was just reading on Dr. Cate's about inflammation and Alzheimer's and it really intrigues me. It would be nice to see more research in this area!

                I'm sorry for what you will have to go through... it's a hard road, as it sounds like you already know if other aunts have had it. The 36 Hour Day was a very helpful resource; the Alz. Association, not so much! PLEASE make sure you get the legal stuff (Power of Attorney, Will, Living Will) squared away immediately! We didn't, and spent tens of thousands of dollars having to go through the courts to get guardianship and conservatorship.
                Feel free to contact me if you need anything.


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                  I am not a doctor, but my grandmother is 100+ , and she is taking a non prescription pill which seems to help. You may want to research Lithium Oratate...available on Amazon. I read about this on a doctor's blog. My grandmother has not been diagnosed with Alzheimers but she did not know anyone. Now she knows most people.... makes her a lot easier to care for.


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