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Hello~ One week into Primal



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  • Hello~ One week into Primal

    Hello all. I'm 20 years old and from Wisconsin, USA.
    I have been following a basically primal diet for a week now as an experiment out of interest and I would love to get rid of my sometimes rather excessive anxiety and digestive problems.
    Well basically I cut the grains and majorly increased my fats intake.

    So far my energy levels are WAY more even which is really nice,
    I don't have to snack all the time, and my anxiety doesn't seem to be as bad.
    I actually don't miss sugar right now...funny for someone who used to eat sweets ALL the time.

    My only complaint is that I'm currently eating like a horse
    and I don't like spending my life in the kitchen.

    I mean yesterday I ate:
    2 sticks of grassfed butter...
    Lots of coconut oil not sure how much...
    1 pound of lamb stew meat cooked in a stew with carrots, onions, homemade chicken broth and spices,
    A Banana
    Half a Sweet Potato
    3 cups of Spaghetti Squash
    Some veggies and homemade sauerkraut

    Eating that much butter and coconut oil would get expensive if this keeps up...

    Also, does anyone have any info (links to articles etc) about diet and anxiety?
    I think I have mild anxiety (not officially diagnosed or anything but) and almost all the women on my mother's side of the family struggles with anxiety and some depression.

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    Sounds like your onto a great start. As for the anxiety issues, I don't have any articles for you but can speak from experience.

    I've been overweight for most of my life but over the past 2 years I started to become quite anxious (feeling like everyone is looking at you etc).
    Anyway, in short, eating primally for the past 6 months has really helped and I definitely feel much more confident than before.

    I'm not sure whether to attribute this to primal food or whether it is as a result of some weight loss.

    Either way Primal living is awesome and I'm definitely not going back!

    Grok on!


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      I'm originally from south-central Wisconsin, nearish to Madison. What part of WI are you from?

      A lot of people have crazy appetites when they start primal. Your body will likely learn how much food you actually need, though the Leptin Reset plan seems to help that along a bit quicker.

      As for the anxiety, I've heard GAPS recommended (Gut and Psychology Syndrome, or something?).

      I've done neither Leptin Reset nor GAPS, but I see them both recommended often around here.


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        Welcome! My Mom grew up in Madison.
        1/11/18 We have moved! Join us at


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          I found this, but it doesn't look promising.

          Gluten-Free Diets and Anxiety | Psychology Today
          I created PaleoTrack - A Food Journal Designed for The Primal Blueprint