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  • Jason

    Hello. Been intrigued with the Primal lifestyle since hearing Mark on The Art of Manliness podcast. Gradually began adding Primal recipes into the mix and trying to stick to the PFP but nothing serious.

    This month I decide to follow the diet as strictly as possible. Currently 5'9" and 188lbs. Would like to get down to 175lbs but moreover want more energy. I started having pain on the balls of my feet from running. Went to the doctor and diagnosed with spurs and put on arthritis medication. I turn 34 this month and already on arthritis medication???

    Since that appointment I've been making a conscious effort to plan primal meals and have plenty of meat and vegetables (absolutely love frozen stir fry mix) and seeing what my weaknesses are ( pizza and ice cream/sweets). Plan on posting everything I eat on Twitter (@Fathomer1977 hold me accountable: berate me for straying!)

    Anyone use FatSecret for tracking numbers?