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  • Newbie ready to Rock the Grok Life!

    Hi there! This is Christy from Nebraska. I am a 44yr old mother to 4 amazing kids! 2boys/2 girls ages:17-15-12-11 I have the most amazing husband of 20 years. I am a dental hygienist and I have always loved fitness and nutrition. Over the past few years, i have "given up" to my healthy ways because I am always "running" the kids everywhere... and well life gets "hectic"... so the easy processed/ fast food route made its way into my life... and it has wrecked havoc on my bod! I want to feel better, get off meds, have more energy, sleep better, and well... it wouldn't hurt if I looked "smokin HOT" in a bikini this summer! (This is far from where I am now....but I KNOW I can do it living the "GROK" lifestyle. I stumbled upon this website a few days ago, and have been devouring the information since! I have been primal for 2 days... and I have lost 2.6lbs! WHAT!???! I can't believe this! But mostly...I am starting to feel better! I can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring! I am 5'2" in height and I really am not excited about admitting my weight right now Lets just say... I could lose 50lbs. Anyway, I am excited to be a part of this awesome group! So...Happy New Year from this new Grokette! Many Blessings to All!!!

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    I too am on my second day, but I have known about the site and read a couple books and its taken me over a year to get on board! I wish you the best of the luck and hope your family will join you in your mission!


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      Hi Morgan! We can do this!!! It is funny you said that you hope my family gets on board... my daughter who is 15yr old and 5'1" 116lbs and pretty darn fit since she is on her school dance team and doesn't drink pop and eats pretty healthy for a teenager... has been asking me what I am exactly doing with this primal eating thing ... and what is it? I told her what I knew(since I am really new at this I am learning too!)... and she said..."I want to do that!"...of course...I was excited... and really not expecting her to want to do it... but she said she wants to! This will be great for me and her to do together! She does not go back to school until Thursday(from Christmas break)... so it will give her a few days to get started. She already brings her lunch everyday...and I think it is pretty healthy... but now we are going to make it Grokette-like.... we are thinking "Big Salads" with chicken...piece of fruit, veggies to munch on... and of course water! Keep me posted how your next few days go! Christy


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        Been going pretty good! Today was day 7! I think its starting to get a bit easier to do. Going to weigh in tomorrow! Its nice if the whole Fam can get in on it so you don't have to cook food you shouldn't or can't eat!