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  • Starting the New Year Primal...

    I stumbled upon the Primal Blueprint a few weeks back searching for a “diet” for my father to “try”. He is diabetic and has high everything. After clicking around on marksdailyapple, the information not only made sense for my father, but also for me, as well. I bought the book and devoured it!

    While I was reading the book, I was loosely followed the primal ways (because I was still learning), but now I feel I have the lifestyle dialed in: prepping foods the night before for breakfast and lunch, making homemade jerky, following salmon recipes, slowing down/doing less work outs, etc. In the past, I would eat meal replacement bars and shakes, workout like crazy, and complain that I would never have a six pack…talk about spinning your wheels!?!? I have seen more dramatic results in my midsection in the past few weeks, than I have over the past few years following Conventional Wisdom!!!

    But back to my father…he is one of the most stubborn humans on earth. Not to mention he mistakes marketing as truth and tells you you’re insane if you believe that someone can/would lie to you to sell you something!!! I am going to do my best to convert him to the primal ways…I’m sure I’ll be back here for support and hopefully with good news about both of our progress…Thank you in advance.


    PS I am not real big on New Year's Resolutions...just so happened I finished the book around New Year's and thought it would be a jumping off point!!!!

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    Good luck to you both.


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      Remember that the best diet for any person is the healthiest one they will stick with. Don't get hung up on converting your father to exactly the Primal Blueprint. Being a stubborn old coot myself, I consume dairy, potatoes, corn, beans and other non-primal stuff. And I am doing very well. More
      Ancestral Health Info

      I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

      Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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        Hi -- I started on Jan. 1 as well. I think there are quite a few of us who started on 1/1/12 -- I was thinking of starting a thread just for us but saw yours (plus I couldn't figure out how to post a new thread). So today is Day 4 -- my sugar cravings which were really out of control from Halloween on have gone. Yippeeeeeeeee. Looking fwd to losing 10 # and it would be nice to lose it from my midsection rather than my face!


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          Hi Mike (if you ever find your way back to this thread - I've had trouble figuring all this navigation out) and anyone else viewing....It's Jan. 6 and thus 6th day of eating Primal for those of us who started on New Year's Day. I don't know if it's placebo or not but I'll take it --- my toe arthritis is clearing up! For the first time in 3 yrs I'm able to stand on my tippy toes with no pain and I have hardly any pain moving my toes around.

          Did have dark chocolate melted on frozen bananna last night - rationalized it was primal but I'm sure to a purist it's not. Feel overall excellent. My sig. other is also doing this and that helps a lot as he appreciates the cooking I've been doing (unlike my kids!) and he weighed himself today and his weight is dropping (he doesn't have much to lose)....I'm not going to get into the scale thing, just go by how my clothes feel. I am committed to avoid diet mentality!


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            Ok - looks like this is turning into my conversation with myself - i.e. my primal journal. (But if anyone is reading this - please feel free to comment - esp. if you've also started on Jan. 1 -- I'd love to have this be a communal thread).

            Today marks the end of week one. Feel good though today I was so relaxed (a Sunday) I was sleepy. Walked the dogs awhile...did household chores --couldn't get myself to go cycling (too cold) -- but went to late afternoon yoga class with my fav. instructor (Laura) and I'm so glad I did. Really perked me up. Ron (sig. other) made a delicious slow cooked pot roast (recipe in Primal Blueprint cookbook) - so I feel full from an excellent nutritious meal...and also aware I do have that sweets yearning - not so much a craving as a mental habit that this is the time (evening) when I used to get into granola, frozen fruit, yogurt, chocolate.... I did have dark chocolate earlier in the day - delicious..

            Clothes not noticeably loosening...I am going to contradict my post above and get on the scale first thing tmw a.m.


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              You're not alone SJean! Thanks for sharing your experiences so far, it's great to see your progress.

              My wife and I started on the 2nd... Monday! We received a fabulous gift for Christmas from some amazingly intelligent people - the Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation!

              Yeah we bought it for ourselves.

              Over the Holidays we read the book, scoured the website, and discussed it with family and friends who were visiting. My parents and my younger brother and his wife all bought the book and decided to start the same time as us - unfortunately they live a State over so we can't have Primal parties!

              My wife is an amazing cook, so it has felt like a week of amazing decadence! As she says, "I feel like I'm cooking Sunday dinner every day!" (She says that's a good thing!) I am wanting to GAIN some more muscle but I've lost some weight this week! I guess I'll have to build back after getting to a better BF%.

              I'm excited to see how this turns out for my family. My mom and dad are sticking with it but say they are having a hard time with so much meat My brother is being a putz and cheating whenever he feels like it but my sister-in-law is already down over 6 pounds last I heard and loving it.

              My kids are hilarious, they bring home snacks and candy from school (Side Note: Can you believe how much JUNK teachers and parents hand out every day at school??) to find out if it is appropriate to eat or not (usually it isn't but we let them make the choice for themselves whether or not they want to eat any).

              Overall things are great. I miss sugar (one of my great weaknesses) but not as bad as I thought I would. Harder for me is establishing an earlier bedtime away from the computer!
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                Oh happy day! Someone else on this thread- thanks for your post, WarlordBlade. How wonderful that your nuclear and extended family is on-board. I know where the weight you lost went --- over to me. Send me your addrss and I'll package it up nicely (with added bonus of 10 more!) and send it on back to you!I was just reading up on carbs and seeing that even though I've refrained from flour and sugar, my eating so much fruit (I love frozen banannas as well as dried fruit and all kinds of fresh fruit) has probably contributed to gaining a half a lb. Also too many handsful of nuts. OK and perhaps too liberal with the dark chocolate....Dealing with carb withdrawal has meant I've not had the oomph to focus on depriving myself of other things or limiting portions.

                The post I read just said to keep carbs on this primal journey to 50-100 gms for 'easy weight loss'. So, today I've already eaten the max.....i have a meeting after work so will just skip dinner and see how that goes. Went to 90 min yoga class before work and also walked/ran the dogs (in the dark - with my headlamp). OK back to work - a nice break to check in here. I'm a psychologist in private practice...

                I ordered the 21 day book yesterday - look forward to reading and implementing it. One step at a time


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                  Hi! I also started (well restarted) for the New Year. My DH is also doing this with me. We have 4 kids and they aren't 100% primal, but I am slowly removing the worst offenders. The juice and candy are the hardest since they were so available before. We're working on it. Our 2 youngest are too young to understand why we're saying no candy, so lots of tantrums. Hopefully once they are more primal the moods will improve.

                  I had a really hard first week with the carb flu - same for DH. This week is going good so far though.
                  My journey for health, energy and a balanced life page


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                    Hey! *waves* I'm warlordblade's wife.
                    SJean- I totally feel you on the fruit/ too much carbs thing. I LOVE fruit - it is my go to snack and breakfast normally (fruit and veg smoothies... yummm), so it's been a stretch to stay within the 50-100. It takes conscious effort! I also love my dark chocolate and have to limit myself to little bits at the end of the day.
                    I have been surprised at how little I've craved sugar and bread- especially since I make killer artisan bread! My energy levels are pretty consistently high, despite being woken by 1 or more of our 4 littles at some time during each night's sleep. I've been kinda crappy at keeping up with workouts- though heaven knows kids and everyday life keep me running around and lifting heavy things!
                    One week primal took a good 4-5 pounds off me, so I'm excited to see what happens as we wind our way to spring and summer! I think those will be much easier primal seasons (more abundant local fresh produce, sunshine and fresh air... can you smell it?).
                    So far so good though. I think we are also going to try for more fish in our diets as well... which is tough when you live in a landlocked state and you're on a tight budget!)
                    Luck and health to everyone!
                    You don't have to be sick to get better.
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                    Primal start: 1/2/2012
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                      I started (well, re-started) Jan 2. I was pretty sluggish last week and through the weekend, but my energy level is starting to pick up. I haven't weighed, but I can tell my pants are looser. And I'm having fewer problems with headaches and congestion (I live my life congested and get frequent sinus headaches). Today I keep marveling, "no headache! And I can breathe!"

                      Yeah, spring/summer will be easier.


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                        im in here with you too, i started around the 26th of december. Im going as close as i can to 100% but i work away from home on a ship at sea so sometimes it's harder as i don't cook my own meals. i have not eaten carbs knowingly since i started with the exception of new years eve. i started at 219# and as of an hour ago i am at 207#. on the ship my exercise is pretty much just the incline treadmill (anywhere from 30min to an hour, 5 times a week).

                        really enjoying this experience and it is by far the most success i've had in a long time.

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                          Yippeee skippeee more posts and more people - we've got the makings of a support group here. I am so impressed with you folks with young kids (4!) doing this and also you boomer - doing this on a ship (are you in the merchant marines?). I'm in a happy mood right now because I just suffered thru a spin class at the Y -- I really don't enjoy the classes and haven't gone in forever - but the fact is that I just don't push myself on my own. And i had forgotten how great the endorphins are after 50 minutes of awfulness. Now three clients, a break for a walk, and then pick up my youngest (I have 3 offspring ages 14, 16, 20) from school and get her over to the orthodontist. Shopped already for the primal dinner and brought a good salad with tuna to tide me over here, as well as red grapefruit.

                          Does anyone know a good site or app for the iphone that would help with the carb counting? (where I could quickly look up how many carbs in something, and also keep my running total going).... Hope to hear more from all you brave New year's primals (should we call ourselves primates?) . Enjoy the day everyone...


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                            Hi all - another newbie here. In fact, today is day 1 for me. I've downloaded and started reading the free e-books, and my actual book is on order, but now I'm thinking I should also order the 21 day makeover.

                            Today's eats are as follows:

                            Breakfast - two cage free eggs, two turkey sausage links
                            Snack - 14 raw almonds & a string cheese
                            Lunch - Shakeology made with almond milk and a banana
                            Snack - small yogurt cup
                            Dinner - not sure yet, but some type of meat and veggies

                            So far so good. But looking at the list, maybe it's too much food for the day?

                            A bit about me and how I got here.......

                            49 years old and in full blown menopause. My labs came back showing that in addition to being in menopause, my cholestoral and sugars were high. I've always been pretty healthy, but in early December I went completely off the fitness rails. The menopause has made losing weight next to impossible, even with sticking to a healthy diet and daily workouts. So I got frustrated and said "if all I'm going to get for beating the tar out of myself for 90 days is one measly inch, then bring on the ice cream and donuts!". Boy am I sorry I did that. Tonight I start medication for the menopause. I'm very hopeful that that combined with eliminating the sugars and junk food will help me sleep through the night, have more energy for exercise and play, and achieve a fitness level that makes me happy.

                            Today's work out is Zumba and I'm really looking forward to making it as fun and intense as possible.

                            Anyhow, looking for a reduced sugar diet, I found my way here, and have been devouring the site ever since. The philosophy really speaks to me. I like the idea that it is more than just a food change, but a lifestyle change. Letting go of all the rules, restrictions, regulations, and just being all Grok like really appeals to me.

                            Great to meet you all. Looking forward to being part of the group!


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                              Sjean you could always try and their associated app. I just downloaded it yesterday for my iphone but haven't had a chance to use it there (Mark recommends the site in the 21 day transformation book)
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