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My Day - 12/29/2011

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  • My Day - 12/29/2011

    I've been agonizing over life changes for a couple years now. I'm a 6' tall 25 year old male. I've been a vegetarian (or more accurately, a "Carbivore") for the last 11 years. On the whole have suffered from a severe lack of energy. I spend all day at a computer, and had been working 60 - 80 hour weeks at previous jobs.

    I gained a significant amount of weight when my fiance was pregnant (we both quit smoking), reaching an all time high of 240 pounds. I started by making a few changes... Cut the soda, cut caffeine, eating a little bit more "healthy." I saw a decent reduction in weight (and at least stopped gaining). I settled in around 225 pounds and got stuck.

    My concept of "The Day" has been giving me trouble for a while. I kept waiting for the day that I would wake up and do things differently. I had plans. I had ideas. I knew what my life should look like. My fiance wisely argues that it's not so much a moment or a day, but rather a series of moments, days, and most importantly... decisions.

    I watched the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and was inspired to do more research. I got a juicer for Christmas. While looking up recipes I stumbled upon this site. Needless to say, I was entranced. I read every post and downloaded the E-books. About this time I decided to go on a 3 day fast with nothing but vegetables juice (fresh out of my juicer, using nothing but organic ingredients). This was my day. The day. December 29th. It was a conscious decision to do things differently, and to do them over a series of moments.

    During the fast I felt my system purging all the nasty stuff out (my pores got cleaner, I started feeling more energetic, and started losing some weight... after the headaches and lethargy). To break the fast on new years eve, I decided to go all out primal. I ate meat.

    I've been sticking to 100% primal diet since. I've lost 12.4 pounds in 8 days. I'm down to 214.2 pounds. I have more energy than I've had in years. I've discovered that cooking is fun... I have a cleaner kitchen too. I even followed it up eating sausage, chicken, and finally crossing Lamb off my bucket list (I read far too many medieval books as a child).

    What I've noticed is that this feels a lot like a second puberty. I battled ridiculous hunger cravings for the first couple days (the juice fast being the hardest part). But since then I've been able to feel my body slowly changing. Each day I'm doing more and more, and feeling better about everything. It's a challenge... but the rewards are so incredibly tangible. It strengthened my resolve to continue this lifestyle to see how far I could go.

    I had a moment of weakness though. Last night I decided to use my 20% (since I'd been 100% primal for over a week) to eat a local Mexican restaurant. I got a bean and cheese burrito. I'm not going to lie, it was delicious. As soon as I got home I took a two hour nap (I really couldn't help it). I woke up feeling much more gross than I thought I would. I had a slight headache, and was craving more carbs. Needless to say, I ignored the feeling and went about the rest of my evening.

    The important thing is that after one bout of "cheating" I've decided that this is the lifestyle for me, and that, at least for me, 100% primal is the only option. While the burrito was tasty, it was tasty for the wrong reasons. It didn't fulfill me like the other way of eating. I even felt guilty, weighed down... gross. It's just not worth it.

    Here's to a new year, and a wonderful community. I've been inspired by all of you, and look forward to continuing down this path.
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    Aldous, welcome! So glad primal is having such a profound impact on your life! I can completely relate -- it's been a revelation and it only gets better as you continue forward. Be sure to post before and after photos for all to applaud your hard work! Amazing how many vegetarians I've met who have come to primal living. I've never been a veggie-saur -- I tried it once and was so anemic and sick by the end of it I swore never again.
    Lindsay Groks On

    "Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
    -- Mark Twain


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      Thanks for the encouragement. I'm trying to find a photo from before I started (I've already seen some changes)!

      I'm still having to let my body adjust to eating meat again, and I'm not ready to go all out yet. But I will say... it's delicious. The SO and I have instituted an acknowledgement of the animal that died prior to eating each meal. My vegetarianism was mostly the result of moral issues, so I find it very important to buy from local farms that I know are treating the animals well.

      The thing that I've found to be most funny is the exercise portion. Before exercise was a chore. Now it's more of a compulsion. I have so much more energy that my old lifestyle couldn't support it. The house is spotless, we go for walks, I'm actively learning new things... and most importantly, I'm spending more quality time with my baby Grok (he's 3 months old).
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        Haha, welcome to the club. I used my 20% yesterday for some sourdough bread, because it's supposed to be the best choice of bad breads. It was grocery store "sourdough" though, not naturally leavened and with a short fermentation... I was doubled over in pain, swearing NEVER AGAIN all evening. I had horrible heartburn and headache. It was unreal! I have never felt that bad after bread before I abstained for several weeks, even whole wheat unfermented! And I still wanted MORE CARBS! How twisted is that?!

        I decided my 20% will never include wheat, ever again. LOL Though I may still give a naturally leavened, 3-night fermentation sourdough a try one day in the distant future. There are two things I miss bread with: grilled cheese, and toasted alongside soft-scrambled bacon & eggs. I miss it NO other time.

        Anyway, good for you for making the lifestyle changes. And there are lots of resources pertaining to your baby Grok when he's eating solid food, so I do hope you raise him primal and not on Teddy Grahams and Peanut Butter Sandwiches.
        5'6" Female, 29 Years Old, 260/195/120

        "Discipline is choosing between what you want NOW, and what you want MOST!"


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          Exactly. I'm still craving the carbs. I've been toying with the idea of forgoing a 20% altogether. But you're right. Grilled Cheese... I subsisted off of it for quite some time being a vegetarian. I notice myself craving a few things in particular... but for the most part feel like I'm stuck in no-man's land. After eating at the Mexican place the craving didn't go away, and I felt worse. I have, however, started noticing just how prevalent all this junk food is. It's everywhere! I've even noticed just how much people snack on it throughout the day... a steady supply of junk. Sigh.

          Do you have any resources related to baby grokking? We have a decent food processor, and had planned on making most of the baby food ourselves. I've already seen too many babies eating cheerios and other junk.

          I'm still having some mental blockage trying to switch back into eating meat. I like the taste, and I've noticed how much better I feel. I just can't shake the feeling of sacrilege.

          I'm actually toying with a quick PB&J style lunch recipe. Using almond flour, I've tried making little tortilla type crispy things. Add almond butter and mashed fruit. The first one was kind of bad, but with a better cracker thing I think it might've been better.

          I've got some pictures that I'll post in the next response here... not sure if it's the place, but it's a start.


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            I love your story! I, too, spent a few months contemplating when "The Day" would arrive. I did Atkins in the past, and I always felt great. My skin was clear, my body was thin, and I didn't have all the little aches and pains that come with wheat and sugar for me. My husband became a pescatarian, and I started eating mostly like him because cooking two meals was too much. Of course, I lost all my energy, and for the past 6 months cooking was mostly heating something up in the microwave or maybe some pasta sauce.

            I think The Day arrived for me in little drips and drabs, and I decided the same day as you that I was done with eating in a way I know doesn't serve my body well out of convenience sake. It helps that my husband wanted to get rid of all the sugar and begin cooking again, and now we have an agreement that we'll share sides and entrees when possible, but whatever he doesn't want to eat, he's responsible for supplementing on his own.

            I've been clean since January 2, and I already feel like I sleep better and have more overall energy. I've used several of the recipes from this site, and they are delicious! Try the scallops with butter (or ghee or coconut oil), garlic and lemon. I substituted shrimp, and it was ridiculous! My hubby was smacking his lips too.

            Good luck, and welcome to this way of life. I can't believe I ever left it.
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              That's awesome! I've been working my way through the user submitted recipes, but I also ordered the books. Definitely worth giving it a shot.

              I didn't really notice it until you said it, but I have been sleeping even better these last few days. Last night I think I slept for 9 hours (with only a little interruption from LBD [Baby Grok]).


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                Babies don't need pureed food
                Check out baby led solids, its basically what you eat, and letting them feed themselves. Its not generally started until they are able to sit up unaided, and are able to get the food in their mouth. Its really only for exploration to begin with, they get all the nutrition they need from breastmilk, even up until 1 year old approx, but you let them lead you about how much they want to eat
                Welcome and good on you for changing your life


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                  Thanks! That's helpful. The doctor has been saying that "we'll add solid food at about four months."

                  He's getting dangerously close to sitting up on his own (3 months).


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                    nooooooo way too soon at 4 months, ignore the Dr, its not at all needed, if you think the baby is hungry more breastmilk
                    The sitting up thing is a guide only, but once your baby is sitting up properly and can actually take food off your plate and get it into their mouth, then I wouldn't stop them


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                      That makes a lot of sense actually. He's been watching us eat (following the food) but he's still figuring out how to use his hands.

                      I haven't been able to get pictures to display right in these posts. Is there any kind of preferred method? I've used PNG and JPEG to no avail.


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               - Gentle parenting options and insights
                        this site was great I also did ECing for both my boys.


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                          try something like and posting the IMG code


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                            Alright! Here's what I'm working with:

                            218 pounds (I was 226 last week)
                            ~20% BF
                            Mostly Sedentary (but changing daily)


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                              Looking good! Keep it up (though you're working with a pretty solid base I'd say) so I'm sure you'll have plenty of success here!
                              Lindsay Groks On

                              "Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
                              -- Mark Twain