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    I'm Brian. I found MDA recently and have been hooked on the articles and browsing the forums for the last few weeks. I am a husband to a wonderful wife and father to three kiddos. I have been eating primal for two weeks now and I am still making little tweeks to my new found lifestyle.

    My goal is to regain my health and energy that I once had. I want to be "back in the fight" instead of sidelined while trying to catch my breath. I am vet of the US Navy, presently working in the field as a Psychiatric RN with a local law enforcement angency. I have been carrying around the burdens of poor health and guilt the last few years because working in the envornment that I do, my life (and my partner's) depends on my meddle and ability to get out of some pretty crazy situations. I don't want to be the guy that puts his partner in danger because I can't keep up anymore.

    I am blessed to have a loving and supportive wife. I am done taking for granted the fact that she will love me no matter how I unhealthy I am. She deserves more from her husband and I am putting this out here becasue I want to be fit and healthy enough to honor and protect her and my kids.

    So far into my journey, I have gotten over the carb and sugar cravings. I have been cooking every meal at home (goodbye fastfood and soda). In general, I am begining to feel very good and the energy seems to be steadily increasing in relation to my shrinking frame. Two weeks in and nine pounds down feels like pretty good start.

    Another benefit that I want to mention is what sems to be an imporvement in my immunity. I caught a cold about a week ago and I was done with the major symptoms after only two days. This was amazing to me because repiratory infections normally will take me out of the game for 1-2 weeks!

    Sorry if this was a drawn out greeting. I had to put my faults and my goals into writing so when I slip up in the future, I will be able to read and rededicate myself to living the life I am meant to. BTW if my wife happens to read this post (she also reads MDA now), I'll sign off by saying, "I love you Babe!"

    Thanks for listening everyone,


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    Welcome Brian! Not to long at all. We want to get to know you. I'm glad you are off to a good start and have a supportive wife.
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      Thanks! Just got home from a walk and some beautiful sunshine. Plugging away everyday. Time to make some breakfast.



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        Brian, this is a great post. As a husband and father I can relate to your reasons for wanting to get in and stay in shape. Good luck as you continue and thanks for sharing your story.


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          Thanks Rallycap! Looks like you are beginning this journey recently as well, or just new to the forum. Getting ready for work now. Time to polish the boots, pack dinner, then battle some mental illness wherever it may be. Actually, I shouldn't have to look too hard, full moon tonight so there should be plenty of calls requiring my assistance. Another of those unforeseen benefits is that I have not been eating out at all for the last three weeks. My wife is digging that. I have been learning to cook some tasty new dishes to boot. Funny thing is, I have been eating and buying so many eggs that I am actually considering getting some chickens. Is that weird or has anyone else out there done the same?