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  • One Week in with some Questions

    Hi everyone,

    I am one week in to eating Paleo. I have a good amount of weight to loose, around 75lbs- (female 5'4" 210lbs) but have already dropped 10 lbs (most water weight I'm assuming). I have a few questions I'm hoping some more experienced paleo and primal people can help me with.

    FYI: My diet has pretty much been: breakfast- 3 eggs, 2-3 slices of bacon, lunch- salad with chicken or tuna (mixed greens, cucumber, avocado, carrots), sometimes a snack of nuts (usually macadamia) or an apple with almond butter, and dinner- chicken/pork/steak and steamed veggies - sometimes a sweet potato if I'm working out that evening.

    My questions are- am I eating correctly? Do I need to eat more/ less? I do get hungry in-between meals sometimes, but try to just drink a ton of water.

    I have had some upset stomachs and intestinal issues (diarrhea) is this normal? My body just adjusting to the increase in fat?

    I have tried many times but do not like tomatoes or any type of pepper (red, yellow, or green) will I still be getting the right nutrients?

    Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure that I'm doing this right. I am totally a convert and feel mostly better, with a few cravings here and there, but know that will go away with time.


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    Hi Laura ... welcome!

    I'm a relative newbie too ... I'm sure more experienced primalists can offer some great advice. My take would be nice start ... but if you are still getting hungry in between meals, then your healthy fat intake is probably still not high enough. I found this really hard at first too ... its difficult to shake the mental baggage that fats are bad!

    I'd take a look at maybe a primal smoothie or similar to top you off ... I make mine based on coconut milk and find that really filling, keeps me satisfied for hours!

    Good luck ... this is the right place to be, its a great community full of friendly, helpful, like minded people!
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      For breakfast you could add some fried onions, mushrooms and shallots or green onions if you like those foods and wanted to add some veggies. If you like onion you could add some to your salad. I like to slice purple onion and soak it in vinegar before adding not my salad. Just some ideas. Good luck!


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        HI All, SOunds like you are all off to a great start. I officially started on 1/1/12. CHeated with a few cocktails this week and am mad at myself. Just mailed Mark my foto, so I can be held accountable to myself. I increased my protein as I was starving, I also added in some beans here and there as I find U need more protein. Time for me to get really serious about this...