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Anyone in the over 50 crowd getting started?

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  • Anyone in the over 50 crowd getting started?

    I'm a newly minted 50-year-old, and have been kinda sort of following the Primal way of eating for almost 2 years.

    In March of 2010, I weighed 379 pounds. Over time I cut back on grains and sugars at an incremental level. As a result I lost 120 lbs. by the end of December 2011.

    Beginning of this January, I got serious. I'm taking the Primal lifestyle completely seriously to create the body I never had my entire adult life. I've lost another 12 lbs. thus far, and have another 42 pounds to go to reach my goal.

    Any others here 50 and over going Primal? What sort of successes have you had? What challenges?

    Stay Primal!

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    Hi Werner -- I'm 54, and went primal as of 1/3/12. Just over 2 weeks in -- feeling good. My first week was rough -- felt pretty crummy and foggy (carb flu I suppose). But after that I've been feeling better each day.

    Not sure of exact results as of yet. I know I'm over 400lbs -- and my scale tops out at that. But I know I'm feeling good, my clothes are fitting much better (they were all getting way to snug, and I refused to buy bigger...again!). My feet and ankles hurt much less.

    Since 1/3/12 I have completely stayed away from all grains and sugars. Lots of veggies, meats, and the good fats. I even bought some coconut oil and have been cooking with that. Very little fruit, and some nuts (almonds), but I think I need to watch those.

    I exercise 5x a week. A total of 3 hours of moderate cardio (bike and elliptical), three days of lifting weights (about 30 minutes each session), and I added a "sprint day" on Friday. This morning I lifted, then spent 16 minutes on the bike, doing 1 minute sprints, then moderate peddling for a minute. I started that last Friday, and it feels awesome. I was working out before I went primal, but I've adjusted my workouts to match the recommended

    Thanks for sharing your results -- stories such as yours inspire and motivate me to keep going. I like your idea of reaching out for us 50+'ers....we can all provide some support for one another.

    Thanks for posting this thread!!

    John K.
    North East Ohio -- "Cleveland Groks!"