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Do people go through Carb withdrawl??

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  • Do people go through Carb withdrawl??

    I am Jess and this was supposed to have been my 3rd day eating strictly primal. I have been cutting out the sugar and carbs for the last week but really put the pedal to the metal a few days ago. Yesterday, I felt great - lots of energy, etc. etc. I worked out, ate a small meal and went to bed a little hungry (i was craving toast and nachos and resisted like a champ). This morning I woke up and I was dragging which is not unusual for me. Lack of energy is a big reason I decided to go primal. I had some Turkish Tea with a little honey and bacon and eggs for breakfast. But I kept feeling worse and worse. My head started to pound and I took some excedrine (since I was at work and had back-to-back meetings). After my meetings I was feeling really bad and I was shaking a little. I ended up going home sick. At home I ate an apple and some salami (i wasnt feeling well enough to cook a meal) then went to bed. After waking, I was still a little shakey and decided that maybe I was going through sugar/carb withdrawl. I had a little bit of orange juice and some homemade chicken pizza. I feel a bit better but Im still kind of out of it. Is this normal? Do other people go through this early on? Could I just be sick?

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    I went through the 'carb flu' pretty bad at first, weak & shaky, feeling sick (I even threw up once), and with extremely painful legs. But I'm so glad I pushed through it, because once it went away, I felt awesome. It took a week or so, maybe a little longer, for all the bad stuff to be completely gone.


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      I was weak, shaky, dopey, tired and had a few headaches. Do your best, Jess. I'm 3 weeks in now and lovin' life
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        It's probably carb flu. Most people go through it, and it can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I think the norm is about 2 weeks.

        I know it sucks, but you just have to get through it. If you do anything to mitigate it, like adding in foods you shouldn't be eating, it will just prolong it and you'll have to start all over again.


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          Thank you!

          For some reason I never came across "carb flu" in my research and had no idea this was normal. Granted, I couldn't wait to get going on the diet before i had time to finish the books. Thank you all for the reassurances. Im back on track and will push through this thing


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            Most if us have been through it. When I first did low carb back in 2005 I had a 3 day migraine - a real doozy. But once it has passed you'll feel fantastic. Eat lots of protein and fat
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              DUN DUN DUNNNNN! Carb flu!

              Stick it out! Be a champ! You'll be fine soon
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                Try and eat more fats n protein, plus lots of H2O. As said by RitaRose, adding in the non primal food will only prolong the symptoms. Remember, your body is purging years of CW food. Be patient, and may the Grok be with you!
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