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    I am a high school student from Wisconsin. I am taking an ungodly amount of academic and science courses I ride and show horses. I also plan on joining the school swim team next year (senior year, haha). I also have Lyme Disease, which is quite fun. Feel free to ask questions about that, I'll be more than happy to answer them, but don't feel like typing anything out about it unless someone specifically wants to know.

    I was recently introduced to the Primal diet. Well, I was recently given a name and solid guidelines for a lifestyle I have wanted to live for a while now. And by recently I mean ~yesterday. Haa....I've been reading a lot on here, but it's a lot to take in.

    I began making the switch (slowly) yesterday. I've been eating mostly almonds and salad right now. A bun-less burger for dinner yesterday And I even had mom pick up some ingredients for a Coconut Milk Fruit Smoothie I found on here! Which was delicious.

    I do anticipate a few problems making "The Switch" however...and I was hoping some of you may be able to help me with these.

    1: The swim coaches feed the swimmers spaghetti and subs, and lots of them, before meets. They encourage carbs, lots of them, and not from good sources. Plus, staying after school, being fed, and then going to swim, one doesn't have much of a choice but to eat the crap they give you.

    2: Horse shows do not offer any primal friendly foods. At all.

    3: I live with other people, and do not do the grocery shopping or cooking (usually).

    So, are there any other high school or college people on here with similar issues? How do you do it?
    Actually, as I type, my mom is talking about going to Apple Bee's tomorrow...*sigh* steak and salad I suppose?

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    You are going to have to learn to prepare your own - or get Mum on side (I'm suer she'll be please if you tell hr you are trying to get healthy) - and take food with you.

    Cold roast mart - chicken, beef, lamb. If you have to get take away (take out to you) BBQ chicken is your friend. If it has a coating you'll have to remove the skin as marinades and coatings have sugars in them.

    Tell the swim coach your doctor has given you a list of foods and none of the things (crap) he is offering are on it and take your own.

    I us to show horses, for over 40 years - again, take your own.

    You have to take responsibility for your own health and make an effort.
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      I don't have much in the way of specific advice as I've always been responsible for the foods I eat. I just wanted to say welcome. Also, I have lyme disease as well. I've had it for about five years. I know how challenging it is being a young, apparently healthy person who is sick. I have noticed that eating really healthy and taking Magnesium has helped reduce my muscle cramps and joint pain. I'm currently experimenting with eliminating sugar entirely to see if that helps. Good luck. This is definitely worth putting in the extra effort.