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Get ready for some stupid questions!!!

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  • Get ready for some stupid questions!!!

    Hello everyone. I am a newbie to primal living.

    I do have some experience with low carb dieting though.

    I lost 200 lbs before, then got my gall bladder taken out, which had become diseased before I started low-carb dieting.

    The doctor said, by the power of Conventional Wisdom, that I could not do low-carb without a gall bladder. Too hard on the digestive system. In fact they put me on some low-fat almost vegahoovian thing. I fell for this for almost two years and gained about 90 lbs back.

    I got sick of it a couple of months ago, and have lost 30 lbs since then on low carb, without encountering any of the side effects that they warned me about.

    But though I am losing weight and cutting carbs, I find myself relying on artificial and processed "low carb friendly" foods. I am probably "Atkins Advantage" brand's number 1 customer. I don't really like this.

    So, I want to continue to eat in a low carb way (as it certainly is successful for me), while stressing whole foods. I wanted to read up in order to get some better motivation to do this.

    I've reviewed the other stuff out there and decided to go with Primal Blueprint. I actually ordered all four books.

    So my plan is to read 21 Day as soon as I get it, and implement it. While it's running it's course, read Primal Blueprint. I'm assuming this is the right approach?

    Thanks! And there will be more stupid questions to come.
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    I was the same with the atkins advantage stuff and never felt great. I became "addicted" to the chocolate bars....


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      Sounds like a great place to start. Real, whole foods are definitely best! Welcome!!
      You don't have to be sick to get better.
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        Thanks guys. I've finished my cover-to-cover read of 21day, and I'm about to make the creamed kale from the recipe book, with haloumi fried in coconut oil as my main course.