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The Big Myth: Crohn’s is an Autoimmune Disease

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  • The Big Myth: Crohn’s is an Autoimmune Disease

    Any credible Crohn’s theory must take into account and logically explain all major aspects of the disease. The Crohn’s autoimmunity theory tries to explain the inflammation and not much else. The theory that Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease is a complete and utter MYTH with no credible evidence!

    There are 3 factors to Crohn’s disease:

    1. Weak immune response;
    2. MAP infection;
    3. Significant carbohydrate consumption.

    Crohn’s sufferers’ weak immune response allows MAP (which is acidogenic) to easily replicate and cause significant inflammation (including ulcers, strictures, etc) via acid production from fermented carbohydrates. Using my hypothesis, I can explain every major aspect of Crohn’s disease including the well researched immune and inflammatory response. It will be shocking to many Crohn’s sufferers when they realize they are BURNING their guts by consuming carbohydrates!