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New to Primal, struggling already as a college student

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  • New to Primal, struggling already as a college student


    I used to be a vegan and then a vegetarian and recently was noticing that i could use more quality protein in my diet and less reliance on carbs for sustenance so i started eating eggs and opening up my mind about eating sustainable grown, grass-fed, humane meat. Then, I went home this weekend and my dad had a copy of the Primal Blueprint, so I started reading and I so far am really buying what Mark says. I haven't finished the book but would like to start incorporating the principles therein into my diet asap.

    I have always been physically active (and am definitely guilty of chronic cardio) but have enver seen the results I wanted or felt as in shape or energetic as I thought i should for someone eating pretty "healthy" and working hard at the gym. I am 22, 5'6" about 150 lbs and 27% body fat. I would not mind losing a bit of weight, but taht is not my main objective as I have become better over the years at not hating my body and having a better self-image. I am healthy for the most part and that's what really matters. However, I do feel i get sick a lot and would like to be more fit and reduce BF. This is my main motivation for trying a Primal lifestyle. Furthermore, I have a family history of cancer and heart disease, two things i would LOVE to avoid.

    This past weekend I got to go to a bison farm and my mom and i bought some meat there as well as some organic chicken elsewhere. I tried both and it was fine. I also brought some wild salmon back to school with me. I LOVE SALMON. always have. missed it a lot.

    Anyway, the trouble I'm having is mainly because of my living situation as a student. I live in a co-operative house of 18 students aimed at promoting community living and environmental sustainability. We all pay $110/month to eat together, and in part to save costs, our diet is almost entirely vegetarian. We get local dairy and eggs from a CSA where they are free range and organic which is good, but we get no meat or fish and very little produce. So far in this house my diet has relied HEAVILY on bread, rice, quinoa, beans beans beans, some tofu or tempeh here and ther (not often), nut butters, and a bit of produce here and there.

    I do buy some other food on my own, but I don't have a lot of money to spend on the amount of proteins and produce I would need to really do Primal the right way each day. Before even seeing the book this weekend I already was thinking about trying to eat more eggs (we get a lot of them) and maybe even just cut out bread, since it was adding a lot of useless calories to my diet when I could be eating more nutritious foods instead.

    Also, today I felt super hungry even after I ate lunch so I ate cashews and raisins and a bit of cheese which are NOT optimal foods on the Primal plan but I felt there was nothing else I could eat that wasn't bread or rice. I'm afraid if that keeps happening I will eat too many calories in these rich foods and end up gaining weight, which is something i do NOT want. maybe i would just be better off with a slice of bread?

    Should i postpone adopting a Primal lifestyle until after I graduate (this may) and have more control over the food I eat and what is cooked? I don't want to half-ass it and ruin it in the process.

    Or should I just incorporate the ideas as much as I can, i.e. eating more eggs and not eating bread ALL the time, but eat grains when necessary instead of overeating fruits and nuts? That way I will be eating more protein and less carbs over all but I will still be far from a primal diet. This would mean my diet for the most part would consist of eggs, veggies, rice, quinoa, pasta once in a while, tempeh/tofu 1-2 times a week, legumes, and a bit of fruit. Is this still better than no eggs and a lot of bread?



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    Eating paleo when you are stuck with a college meal plan is really tough. Do the best you can and avoid wheat and other GMO crops as much as possible. It's not perfect, but reasonable. Granted, perfection may be the ultimate goal, but doing what you can will still be an improvemement


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      You are the second person to start the same post in different something going on with the forum?
      Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
      Don't forget to play!