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    Just wanted to stop by and say a quick hello, so hi!

    Iíve been training under cross fit for the last few months and have been trying to learn as much about paleo diets before going in for the big plunge. Does anyone know if there is a good starting guide? Iím having trouble deciding what should/shouldnít be eliminated along with how fit the diet in with my lifestyle (I just canít handle eating steak for breakfast!)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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    I'm still just a few months in myself, though as I'm shopping I think: Could our pre-grain ancestors have eaten this? Your common sense, intuition and imagination are the best guides. Trust them, use them and they'll grow sharper and stronger.

    Aside from that, read the "Top Posts" box in the right column. That's where I started (I also bought the book recently). One of those posts includes the Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid. Three months later and I've almost completely kicked the carb habit the big food companies worked so hard to curse me with since childhood. Only occasionally do I think, "I'd really like some junk food," but that usually passes when I eat pretty much anything else.

    What I have found is while the initial path down Primal cooking is costly, many recipes here share ingredients so your grocery bills will level off (though they will always be more expensive... unless you factor in the money you will save on medical bills). Print enough to last a week. Go to your cabinet, bag up all grains and processed food and donate them to a shelter, then hit the store and buy ingredients you need for your new recipes.


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      In becoming Primal, I took the long route. I started trimming foods before I knew what Primal/Paleo eating was.

      The first thing I did was cut out anything "white"- white bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and sugar.

      Then I trimmed a bit more, cutting out the other grains that didn't fit into the first category.

      Then I cut milk, yogurt and ice cream.

      I think going in steps is easier, not only on your budget, but mentally. Just make a resolution not to buy any more non-Primal foods. Your kitchen will evolve before you know it.


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        I think the hardest thing for most people is figuring out what to eat without grains. So, as a first step, give up grains. (What?? No rice with the stir-fry? No bread with every meal??) Forces you to eat bigger portions of meat and veggies to fill yourself up.


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          Oh you'll want steak for breakfast soon enough Dinner leftovers are one of my favorite breakfasts now. Bacon roasted brussel sprouts and meatloaf anyone? No, just me?

          Read as much as you can out of the Primal Blueprint 101 section as vyridian suggested above, and you'll have a great idea of where to start. Getting rid of the grains and cooking with real ingredients is the main gist of the food part, but you've also got to consider the other aspects of being primal!

          You are what you eat,
          and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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            I love Dr Kurt Harris's 12-step list... the idea is that you go down the list in order at your own pace, and each step improves your health and gets you closer to "orthodox paleolithic".

            It's here: