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    I wish MDA was divided by location also. Finding people in my area would be a great support. They could offer tips on where to buy items and all kinds of fun stuff

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    Shara, I'm in Harrisburg... there are a lot of great resources in our area. I've visited farms from Lebanon to Carlisle and found a ton of great local, sustainable sources of grass-fed and pastured meats, dairy and eggs. If you ever get up to Harrisburg, I can point you to some decent fish suppliers, too. Definitely check out and for resources close to you.

    One farm you might want to check out is Sunnyside Farms in Dover, that's kinda down your way. I met the farmer's daughter (no wisecracks!) at a different farm for a meet and greet event, and started following their blog (Sunnyside Dru). They definitely do things the right way, and it's interesting to follow.

    Anything in particular you're looking for?


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      Hey Finn,
      I am not looking for anything in particular. I was looking into doing a csa and possibly purchasing some organic meats. I have looked at eatwild today and have been on localharvest before! Thanks for the tips. Dover is not to far from me. Maybe I will check it out sometime. Thanks!


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        No problem. I would make sure that if you're buying meat to make sure it's grass-fed, and not just organic (they could use organic grains and call it organic).

        Also, have you gone to the Market & Penn St. Farmer's Market? Haven't been there in a long time, but sometimes you can find good stuff there.


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          I live in Fayetteville, PA, which is about an hour from York. I have a great little farm near me where I get eggs, honey and grass-fed beef. Got to love the Mennonites! :-)