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    Hey guys.
    I'm william. I'm 14 years old and I have a bit of a problem. For a while now I've really been busy and constantly changing my diet in order to prevent diabetes. I do this because my grandpa has diabetes. So I did a little research, and saw that eating fewer carbs helps. So from there I found this site. I've been on here for about 3 weeks now. Now I know I'm young etc. but it's never too early to watch your health. The main changes I made since I found this site is cutting out all grains and almost all sugar. (I eat about 5g of 85% chocolate a day). I would love to go paleo as much as possible but it's difficult with my parents. They support me but they don't agree with me a 100%. For example they're OK with not eating rice or pasta anymore with dinner but they want something else instead so I chose kidney beans. (soaked). Maybe not the healthiest choice but better than pasta I think. Anyway, what are the guidelines I should follow you think? In a way that I don't have to spend my entire day thinking about food. Oh, and how bad is it if I maybe eat some pizza OR go to subway OR have some ice cream once a month?

    I'm 6', 145 lbs. I do weight training every other day. I do light exercise (like walking and cycling) 2 hrs a day and intense exercise (like running and basketball) 40-70 mins a day. Is that enough exercise?

    An example of what I eat on a day:
    Breakfast: asparagus with egg and chicken
    Snack: handful of nuts
    Lunch: salad with olives, lettuce, tomatoes and feta cheese.
    Snack: an apple
    Snack: some brussels sprouts
    Dinner: broccoli with kidney beans and whatever kind of organic meat.
    And maybe some blueberries while watching tv at night.
    Is this a healthy day? Is it bad if I eat some more fruit?
    well then

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    It sounds like you are on the right track. You've realized the importance of diet and lifestyle way earlier in life than most of us did. For now, you should just do the best you can, and don't stress about not being able to do it perfectly. Yeah, there are some perfectionists on this site who might criticize your daily diet. But it's better than the diet of 99.5% of other people. As you get older, and especially once you get out on your own, you can improve it more. For now, keep up the good work and don't be overly concerned if it's not precisely what the PB says it should be.

    Be thankful to your parents that they are generally very supportive. Not everyone has that luxury. You are very fortunate.
    Live your life and love your life. It's the only one you get.


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      Hi William. Welcome. It's great you are starting young.

      A young, active guy like you can definitely do more carbs. Your folks are right about that. IMHO soaked beans are fine. You could do some potatoes and sweet potatoes too. Even white rice on days you work out.
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        For someone young and healthy soaked beans are a pretty good choice so don't stress out about that too much. At your age, if you just manage to avoid pitfalls of eating lots of crappy processed oils (soybean oil, vegetable oil, margarine), avoid high fructose corn syrup, limit processed/packaged food, and try to get plenty of meats, fats, starchy tubers and veggies you will be doing fantastic!

        Many of us have to be very strict and rigid become we have decades of bad eating and health problems to undo. You don't have that burden, so don't be too rigid or stressed out about this. Just keep the big picture of primal eating in your mind and you'll do great
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          Hey William. I think you are doing fine within the constraints that you have to live with, namely being a teenager and living with your parents. I don't see any mention of animal fats there. A lot of butchers will give/sell very cheaply fresh beef and pork fat, which will go off quite quickly if you don't use it, but if you render (i.e. fry and pour off the fat) will keep for ages.

          I think you can relax a bit on the carbohyrates. Plenty of the people here have damaged metabolisms and have to eat low carb as a result. I expect, given you age, that you can eat more carbs, like rice and potatoes and sweet potatoes. It seems to be the wheat stuff that really causes people problems. If you find with your training that you crave more carby foods, then fill up on them too. Plenty of the serious athletes here do from what I can see.

          I bet without wheat/grain or vegetable oil, and with animal fat and plenty of meat, you will never become diabetic and gain strength easily.