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  • New and running into some hurdles

    Well, I've been at the "full-primal" lifestyle for almost 2 months now. First, the eating part was easy after the initial carb-flu. I found that it was not that different then how I've always eaten. I'm having problems with 3 parts of the 10 primal items. Those things that are causing me issues are sleep, play, and sprints.

    Sleep Vs Me, the battle of a life time

    Sleep and I have never gotten along. As a child, I would wake up every couple hours for one reason ofr another. My parents hated that I'd be up so much, wandering the quiet house and getting into things. AS an adult, I find that I'm drawn to those flashy computer screens. I may be up late stalking forums, or reading blogs, or catching one more episode of Bones on netflix.

    I first recognized that my caffeine habits were detrimental. I have gone from drinking caffeine well into the evenings to making sure I have my last drop before the noon hour. I also adjusted my work shift from 6:30am - 3:30pm to 8:00am - 5:00pm. This has meant that I am tired at a reasonable time each night, and hit the sack 8.5-9 hours before I need to be up. Unfortunately, I find that I am up a few hours later, unable to go back to sleep. By the time the morning is rolling around, I'm exhausted and wanting more sleep.

    Advice? Are there any good/great resources for such sleep issues? Should I cut the caffeine all together (my research into caffeine says it isn't necessary, as it is out of a typical blood stream 6 hours after consumption, but I really don't know for sure)?

    Struggling to Play

    I'm a gamer. Unfortunately, I'm not talking about active games. I play video games, board games, card games, role playing games, word puzzles, etc. This has been my hobby since I was a weeeeeee lad. As it stands right now, after I work, prepare food, help the daughters with home work, sleep, spend time with the wife, do house hold chores, and exercise... I'm left with about 15-20 hours a week. I find I'm filling that with gaming. I find when I do something else that is active (I'm an IT prof in career. I sit a LOT), I'm distracted and not enjoying myself, as I'm pulled to the other activities i'd otherwise be doing.

    So, are there any primal gamers out there with ideas for active play? Should I just hit the gym for some pick up 2v2 basketball, even though I'm not fond of team sport activities?


    When I was a teenager, I mocked sprinting. I always felt that it was for the weaklings that needed to run away. I would then go back to the weight room and throw up large amounts of weights and grunt. This persisted into my adult life. I've always hated cardio, and sprints have been, in my mind, the pinnacle of cardio. So, giving the PB my whole effort, I'm exploring sprints. Every time I think I'll do some sprints, I find myself faltering for one reason or another. More likely than not, this is purely a psychological issue.

    Where the heck do I start? Are there resources out there on sprinting? Would a set of bench presses with extreme weight done quickly have the same benefits of running sprints?

    Thank you for reading through this, and thank you for any advice.

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    sleep part of it, could be the blue light stimulus you are getting for computer screen/tv screen. you can always try turning the tv off after a certain hour and light some candles instead of light bulbs to get the right frequencies of light. there is also F.lux: software to make your life better
    i haven't tried it yet (i am in IT as well, and i started off with a 3rd shift tech job before going primal, i can fall asleep at the drop of a hat pretty much anymore)

    as far as play goes, i have found disc golf to be very enjoyable and easy to do a a solo sport or with friends if you want. look around and see if one of your local parks has a disc golf course. you can also incorporate sprints in with disc golf, you pretty much throw the disc, then sprint after it, pick up and repeat and try to do the whole course this way as fast as you can, not worrying about score. (journal)


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      Lots of ways to do sprints, on a bike, rower. If I am out I either do tabita sprints or sprint then walk between telephone poles. Or sometimes sprint 2, walk 1. Have fun with it, it will make you stronger.

      Make sure you are moving slowly part.

      The basketball could be good but if you don't like it you wont enjoy it. I climb as part of my play but there is lots you can do they trick is to try and find something you like to do.
      Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
      Don't forget to play!