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im new and just want to say Hi :-)

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  • im new and just want to say Hi :-)

    hello everyone!!

    i stumbled across the primal blueprint book on amazon while looking for yet another diet to try, after failing again...i have tried every diet known to man, and failed at every singe one. i was looking into paul mckenna and on one of the reviews someone said to try primal blueprint instead.

    so, i read the reviews on that book, and for the first time felt really excited about actually thinking this will help me!!

    i have loads of niggly illnesses and allergies and i am most definatley addicted to carbs, so i think this 'diet' will totally change my life and my body will get rid of all the crap and start again, making me look and feel healthy. i am so lethargic and lazy...i feel this will give me a spring in my step, i cant wait.

    so ive ordered the book and it will be delivered after reading it from cover to cover i should be ready to start my new life on sunday!!

    i am 5'5" and my BMI is 37, so watch this space!!! i will update you all on my success regularly :-)

    heres to the future, a happy healthy future


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    HI SuzyQ, I am new to Primal, but have successfully don't low carb in the past. Lacking in motivation right now, so am on this forum to look for tips, ideas, etc.
    There is a Success Story In the Making page - you can post your photo and start a journal - I'm on there - the first time I've ever posted a photo of me that wasn't flattering. Trying to be truthful.
    I'm 175lbs, only 5 feet tall, God only knows what my BMI is. I have been successful on low carb in the past - I think it's the only way for me to lose weight.
    Good luck and keep us posted on here!
    sigpicFrom Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    New Member March 2012
    Height: 5'
    CW March 2012: 174lbs
    GW: 135lbs

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      oooo thankyou Sue!!

      i will go and have a look at the journal thing.

      well, i dont understand BMI really, lol, but im 5'5" and weigh 217lbs!!

      i really hope this works for me, i do feel really confidant it will.

      good luck to you too!!!

      Sue x


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        Good luck on your primal journey, oh and your BMI is 36.1, but BMI really doesnt stand for much.