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  • Done Lurking - I'm in!

    I've been lurking here on and off the last few months. I do not yet follow Mark's PB totally, but I have made many changes he recommends (grass fed, nearly everything organic, etc). I stumbled upon this site and the PB in October when my 6yo got diagnosed as gluten sensitive. His pediatric GI doc scoped him to look for causes of his chronic acid reflux, and a tissue sample from his small intestine had slightly elevated levels of gluten antibodies. I didn't really even know what gluten was, so I did a TON of research. I went gluten free with him (can't really tell a little boy he can't eat mac & cheese when Mom is eating a giant bowl herself!) and was STUNNED when my arthritis and joint pain went away. Clearly, gluten was causing inflammation in my body as well, so I did more reading and ended up here.

    Since October, our family has eliminated gluten, eliminated processed food, switched to raw organic dairy (except we still do organic pasteurized whole milk -- raw milk is illegal here and I haven't found "black market" supplier). My son's reflux is under control, my daughters ADHD tendencies have disappeared, and I no longer have chronic joint pain.

    However, I still eat gluten-free grains and sugar. I try to eat them in moderation, but I have just recently accepted that that is impossible for me. I am a CRAZY, NASTY, FILTHY SUGAR ADDICT.

    My friends think I'm a nutrition nut because of all of our gluten-free, organic diet, and yet I still weigh 205 pounds (I'm 5'10"). We eat too healthy (and frankly, spend way too much money on our healthy foods), for me to be this weight. This cannot be right. I eat better than 95% of the people I know, and yet I am overweight. It HAS TO BE the grains and sugars.

    SO, I am now publicly declaring on this forum that I am going to follow the Primal Blueprint. I downloaded the book, and am formulating my plan:

    1. I will begin Tuesday (hosting a Bachelor Finale viewing party on Monday night. One last hurrah).
    2. My #1 Rule - Above all else, NO grains and sugars. No cheat days. No special occasion treats. No moderation. It's not possible for me. I can't lie to myself any longer.
    3. Will supplement with Chromium Picolonate and a B Complex to help with my sugar/grain withdrawal.
    4. Will begin actively posting here in the forum. (Since I have no friends following this way of life, I will need extra support. My husband is supportive - he had gastric bypass last year and has lost 120 pounds. He needs to eat high protein, low carb anyway. But he has no knowledge of the PB philosophy, and no desire to read books. So I will need support here.

    If anyone has any feedback on my plan or any additional tips that helped you beat the sugar demon, please post! Or just share your sugar addict story with me. I would love to hear that this is possible! I hope a couple of years from now, i can be one of those Friday inspiration posts. I'll tell you all about how I changed my life and lost 60 pounds and now accomplish all sorts of athletic feats I never dared to dream of before.

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    Haha welcome to the PB community,you'll get plenty of support, although you do seem to be very smart so Im sure you'll make the right choices. This is a perfect example of how although going gluten free is healthy, eating the conventional substitutes is not. Good luck and can't wait to hear the amazing transformation you'll go through.


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      Funny, I always thought the gluten-insensitivity was just the latest "fad diet" (oh you wouldn't believe how my friends glamorize it on Facebook!) but I started reading about how wheat and grains in general can cause upset to the bowels and joints. Now I feel bad for all the crap (pun intended ) I've given the gluten-free community. I'm brand spankin' new to Primal so I'll be right there beside you learning how to curb the sugar cravings and cut out the grains. Go us!!