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    Hi there,
    I have seen the customary thing to do is introduce ones self on joining the primal community, so here goes!! I am 23 years old form Wales in the UK, i have recently turned over a new leaf in my lifestyle and come over to the primal way of living. A bit of history - I have yo-yoed with my weight for years, since leaving school really and never been happy with the way I looked two weeks ago i knew I had to change since it is now effecting my personality as I have become extremely self conscious and have a low self esteem, i have done weight watchers, slimming world etc with little success and now at 5ft 3ins and weight at 12st I HAD to do something.

    So I have been Primal for a week now - I love the fact I can eat what ever meat i want and not feel bad about it, i do miss my occasional bag of haribo sweets though, it is this little treat i will miss. But I feel energised, apart from day three and four where i felt sick and had a major headache but I have read this is part of the course. I am a hockey (field as opposed to Ice ) but recently picked up a knee injury that has put me out of action for 2-3 months, I have a sedentary job and the combined effect of these two things have meant I have recently joined the gym!

    But for those more experienced in the primal way of living i have a few questions:
    1) Can you recommend a quick get up and go breakfast?
    2) What are your recommend snacks for someone with a sweet tooth, I have recently tried the walnut brownies and these are great but am thinking something different for the next week!!
    3) How quickly Should I start to see results in my clothes fitting or on the scales? I know this is a silly question one week in but as you may understand I have tried so many things that one week in and no change I just worry a little
    4) Any exercise advice for those unable to run / walk long distances due to injury?
    5) Any general advice for a newbie would be much appreciated

    Sorry to have gone on, but look forward to hearing from you...Grok on

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    1. Eggs. Make them the night before (fried or boiled) if you need to. I find that they don't take much time at all in the morning for me.
    2. Don't snack. Snacking makes you weak, not just fat. Eat meals big enough to keep you full until the next meal time.
    3. It varies by person- some people see immediate results, some people take weeks. This isn't a weight-loss plan, but a health plan. Your body will prioritize healing over weight loss.
    4. Get healthy. See #3. Also, talk to someone in sports medicine or physical therapy.


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      I make a fritatta, with some chicken, red pepper and spinnach and bring it to work, eat it for brekkie / lunch. takes about 4 mins to make and 7 to cook! I went full (100% no grains ) and with 3 weeks had lost 10lbs. Start weight 146 approx. so you should start seeing your clothes get looser in no time
      also try swimming, very relaxing!