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  • Day 1 Tomorrow!

    How's it going everyone?? I have been doing a lot of research over the past few weeks, and I have to say Mark Sisson's writing has intrigued me so much into adopting the primal lifestyle. Being someone that is big into nutrition, I really think I am going to benefit greatly with this lifestyle, especially considering the bouts of low blood sugar I get plagued with. Tomorrow will be my first day easing into things, well I guess you can say today?? I am going to start slow by eliminating grains and sugars and get more strict with things as the time goes one! Any advice other than easing into things anyone can give me?? I look forward to talking with everyone on these forums in the future!

    - Frank

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    that sounds like a good plan. one thing to do is try and find recipes for foods you like now that aren't primal or ways to fix them and they are primal. the recipes board has tons, and their is the ebook that mark gives out for free.

    just know that there are a lot of foods and try not to get in a rut.

    best of luck! its a great life! (journal)


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      My biggest advice is to prepare meals ahead of time. I find that cooking a little extra at dinner time will give me my lunch for the next day! Also, some people (me included), have a rough time with cutting out the sugars and carbs and your body will want to 'rebel'. For me, it was pretty tough for a couple of days. Weather the storm and hang on and it'll get better! Best of luck to ya and look forward to seeing you on the boards.
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        Hey Frank, I jumped in full throttle on Monday and haven't felt this good in years! If you think you can manage, I think you should be a little sticker and not ease in so much as jump in and start swimming! I've lost over 8 lbs and normalized my blood sugar in six days! Any food craving i had went away after day three. The fantastic results more then make up for the "pain" of not having my old favorite foods.

        However you start though , best of luck,and I wish you great success Robby