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    So, as a part of my method of holding myself accountable, I decided to actually join the forum, and say hello personally, rather than just lurking around as I have been for a while.

    Story in short... I was diagnosed a few years ago, at about 295 pounds (6'2"), with Type 2, and Hypertension. I know, not a big surprise.

    My BP was about 182/123, A1c came back at about a 6.3 I think.

    My wife introduced me to the Primal Lifestyle, and since I had to basically give up the bad carbs anyway (and I LOVE steak) it was a great fit.

    A year later, I was at 250 pounds (after some good weeks and bad weeks), my waist size was down about 4", my A1c was down to 5.7, my fasting glucose reading on my handy glucometer was in the 80's, and my BP was 110/ 75 without medication.

    Then work picked up, I started travelling for business (which of course included lots of happy hours with co-workers), and I admit, I have a weakness to peer pressure when it comes to downing some beer with co-workers. Which then leads me to continue it when I get home, etc...

    No one but myself to blame, but I'm back up to 288, my waist size is back where I started, my fasting glucose was 115 this morning, and I'll find out my BP when I go to the doctor for an ongoing sinus issue this morning.

    It's a new doctor, so I know I'm going to get the CW speech about my weight, and I'm not looking forward to explaining that I don't want the medications for Hypertension or my glucose, because I know I can fix them with an appropriate lifestyle adjustment. But I'm convinced based on past experience, that I can fix this, and I know I have my wife of 20 years support because she's been Primal for over a year.

    She's let me fight my own battle with it, but now I'm 'fed up' and I'm tired of feeling like crap. I'm tired of, every time I fly the commuter flight I have to fly for business, wondering if the person next to me is going to be the same size I am, which makes the seats REALLY uncomfortable.

    So, sorry for the long story, but I think I needed to put it down 'on paper' to kick start myself.

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    Farther to go than I thought... BP this morning was 190 / 110.

    Oh well, no time like today to start the next part of my life.


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      You'll be good as new in no time. Commit and love it! Best of luck!
      You don't have to be sick to get better.
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        Welcome Alex! You can do it!
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          Thanks, I think I'm going to need all the support I can get.


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            You can do it man.

            Best of luck i hope you will achieve you target asap.just try to work hard.


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              My motivation is simply this, I was sick and fat and miserable for most of my life, I feel good now, do I want to go back? Nachos and beer pale in comparison and I love arguing this lifestyle with anyone that will listen. My wife is getting sick of it but too bad.
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                You can slip and slide, but just not for x days in a row. max one bad weekend. after that you have a responsibility to get back on that horse right away. welcome back and this time get some spurs so the horse doesn't buck you again.

                and also, i know this part is really hard, but you need to incorporate some form of exercise. i struggle with this because of work sometimes gets busy and I just feel mentally tired and have to push myself to go out for a run or a long walk. but you know what, every time I do push myself, I never regret it.



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                  Just so far, down about 8 pounds (just inflammation weight I'm sure), and faced my first big test.

                  A fast trip to Toronto. Flew up Monday, stayed Monday night, business conference Tuesday, had to fly back Tuesday night.

                  Dinner with my boss, and his boss, a nice sirloin steak and a few glasses of wine.

                  Woke up early (I sleep about 6 hours, max... I just wake up after 6 hours no matter when I go to sleep), and did a few push ups just to get myself moving.

                  Tuesday at the all day conference, skipped the all pastry breakfast, they had beef skewers at lunch, so had those, and some carrots.

                  Dinner at the airport. Another steak, with some broccoli.

                  Overall, pretty satisfied honestly. Eating on the road is probably the biggest trouble, especially when I'm at conferences, low on power, and at their mercy for food. Already walked a little over a mile today at a steady pace, and fasted through breakfast.

                  I really do feel like I'm back on track well and true. It's a challenge not to get pulled into the old habit of "Okay, I have 2 hours to wait at the airport, might as well hit the bar for beer" but I managed to fight it my first flight since I got back on track, and I avoided the worst of the junk while I was up there.


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                    nice job. i get amazed at the differences on how I feel when I slip vs when i'm eating right. Tiredness and sluggishness are the par course. and of course, intense hunger.