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  • Feeling like jello

    Hi everyone. I have been slowly adjusting down to eating 100% primal over the last week. I was somewhat low carb before that with the exception of a bowl of steel cut oatmeal in the morning. I have been intensely working out, 45 minute power walks every morning and weight lifting throughout the week. I lost 30 pounds that way but it was a struggle and came to a plateau for 3 weeks. That is when I decided to go primal. So far this week I have crashed and I am so fatigued that I can't do any weight training at all. I am able to walk everyday but mostly I feel like a bowl of jello. Is this a passing phase people go through while adjusting to low carb living? I am staying under 100 grams of carbs with the bulk of my calories being fat and then protein and I calculated I was eating around 1800 calories (hardly starving). Could I be doing something wrong?

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    How many carbs did you average before the switch? Could be just the adjustment to a much lower intake.

    Are you getting a solid 8hrs sleep?
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      I was eating carbs in the range of 150 to 200 before my switch to primal. I have gradually reduced them but this week I have stayed under 100. As for sleep, that just isn't happening, I am in bed 8 hours but my sleep is broken up alot by nature calling many times a night (Might be all the water i drink) plus hot flashes with entering menopause. I am 55, overweight but giving it my all. Just seems like the past few days I have tanked and only have enough energy to walk 45 minutes. I tried to do pushups the other morning and I got through one and my muscles failed.


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        Hi Char,

        Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in the jello

        I just started this week also. I usually get in at least a 5 mile "walk" daily, but today I felt like I was walking in mud!!

        I'm fairly sure it is just the "carb flu" and it will pass. Cannot wait to get past the newbie stage
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          That is how it started with me. I thought I had lead weights on my feet as I did my morning walk. Then when I tried to do my regular exercise routine starting with pushups, I did one and my muscles totally failed me. I sure hope it will pass, guess it means I was eating a very high diet of carbs and I have shocked my system (hope it appreciates the change eventually).