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Eating like my grandma

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  • Eating like my grandma

    Hello everyone!

    I've been completely primal for about 3 months? Not really sure exactly when I fully transitioned.

    I started out gluten free back in November of 2011 and then discovered MDA while researching my ancestors' diet.

    I recalled my grandma telling me about growing up in northern Siberia. They ate raw reindeer 9 months out of the year and you can imagine how few carbs someone living in that area would consume. My grandma and her family were extremely healthy in those conditions.

    While searching the internet for more information on what my ancestors might have eaten I came across MDA.

    I was instantly hooked. Mark makes perfect sense and delves deep into the science behind the theory. I look out my door into the woods and what do I see? Plants and animals. That's what I'll eat.

    I should note here that over the past 12 years I have tried every type of eating/exercise I have ever read about; vegetarian, raw, vegan, all carb, Atkins, etc... with litte or no success at all. Not to mention there is no way I could have continued on eating in such a manner for a lifetime.

    I'm now 25lbs. lighter despite the fact that people used to call me "skinny" (I suppose it's all relative) and just a few minutes ago I tried on my wifes pants. Her jaw dropped, I fit into a 30" waist, 3 months ago I was squeezing into a 34".

    I think my post is getting a bit long so I'll finish up with a hello to my fellow primal eaters, good luck to you all on your journey and a very BIG thanks to Mark Sisson for permenantly improving the lives of myself and my family.

    gRok on!

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    Welcome. Yes, my philosophy is "If our great grandparents didn't eat it, spit it out," to paraphrase Jack LaLane. (Yes, yes, I know some people's great grandparents ate crap. But still a good rule of thumb.)
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      Originally posted by Hedonist2 View Post
      "If our great grandparents didn't eat it, spit it out,"
      Love it! My grandfather has been a trapper and hunter his entire life and grew his own veggies at home (all organic of course). I can guarantee he is the HEALTHIEST person in my entire family. He's in his 90's and still goes out trapping, fishing, snowmobiling, quading, hunting, etc. I don't know why this approach didn't dawn on me sooner. When I found MDA, it was like the lightbulb finally went on! I'm so thankful!


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        My whole family on my mom's side are hunters and many on my dad's side also.


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          Good gracious! My grandmother fed me cornbread, biscuits (the Southern kind) covered in syrup, and fried potatoes. She managed to live to 95 in generally good health too--but her plate was always much heavier on the meat and fresh garden vegetables than mine. I, however, am on the fast track to diabetes unless I reverse the downhill slide. I am looking forward to deer season this year in hopes that at least one of the hunters in my family can fill the freezer. We've got lots of wild pigs around here too. Anybody else harvest wild hogs for meat? How is it for meat cleanliness? Goodness knows what they've been eating out in the river bottom. . .