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  • Hi from the UK

    Hi all, my names is Rod, 41 years old, residing in UK and very intrigued by primal living

    I started a healthy lifestyle plan devised by myself on Feb 27th this year, starting at 289lbs

    Currently I weigh 234lbs which I am pleased with, I have more energy and feel a lot better obviously. if people compliment me, I prefer compliments on the effort rather than the look

    I am planning on making this my one and only assault on living a healthy life, so planning a way to maintain the end result has been at the forefront of my mind since the beginning.

    I have a friend in the UK who follows paleo/primal principles and he is an ex-rugby professional.

    He says it's a bit "hippy" I'm cool with that if so....

    I have just ordered the PB book and received the free downloads, so I guess I'm ready to give it a shot

    I appear to enjoy and benefit from the meat and veg approach to my plan and already I live a life where carbs are restricted, the science and the mindset makes sense to me, even before I found MDA

    My goal is to be 195lbs, it's not too far away, but now I have 45lbs gone I feel I don't want to relax - I want to kick on and get there

    Hope this first post isn't too rambly for you, thanks for any help and advice that may come my way

    and good luck to all who walk this path

    edit: about three weeks into my plan I felt like I'd been through the wringer and now realise I likely had carb-flu as my carbs had seriously declined.

    I battled through that ok and since thats over with have felt generally good.

    I have a minor cold at the moment, I'm not primal yet, so it can only get better I guess...
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    Originally posted by Rod Lugg UK View Post
    I am planning on making this my one and only assault on living a healthy life
    Congrats on what you have achieved so far. I'm not a "clubby" type person and made my own decision to find a regime that I could live with permanently. I found this site when I was doing my research.

    I am not what one would call an evangelist but I like that what I am now doing has science to back it. Mind you, I still have foodstuffs that are frowned upon here. I really miss bread and beer but can just about manage with meat and red (usually) wine. I started back in March and am losing about 1lb per week so gone from 17st 2 down to 15st 12 this morning. I would not be weighing myself but I started a couple of blogs and the losses give me something to write about. I also count calories for the same reason and I saw that I could replace a 785 calorie breakfast with a 350 one without feeling hungry. My wine drinking companion is on holiday at present and so I am hoping to lose up to 2lbs a week while he's away.

    I have also been doing HIT exercise on my rowing machine two to three times a week. My blood pressure and resting heart rate have both gone down. After reading Dr Doug McGuff and John Little's book Body by Science I am now looking at joining a gym to get access to captive weights in order to have a go at their five recommended basic exercises. I have got some free weights at home but think that reaching muscle failure with a barbell above my swede would not be a good idea.
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      hey Nigel, thanks for the reply, I am still on my lo-carb, lo-fat thing at the mo, when I hit 16st, (possibly 3 weeks) I will go primal and see how I get on

      good to see it works, 1lb a week and no hunger sounds good, I am not particularly hungry generally now, but thinking long term, something that satisfies and produces strength and wellbeing certainly appeals to me, obviously!


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        Hi, welcome and good luck.

        Another 41-year-old in sunny Bristol here. There seems to be a higher than average concentration of primals around these parts - I guess because Bristol is such a progressive city. We are certainly blessed with some excellent farmers markets. I have a couple of friends in nearby cities who have gone paleo and they've had good results so far.

        ETA: I noticed you said you lived in Bristol on another thread.
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