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    Hi, my name is Susan. I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, nurse and I'm 49 years old.

    In 1976, I lied about my weight on my passport. By the time I was in my early 40's I'd wobbled my way up to 165 lbs on a dainty 5' 3" frame. For a friends wedding I bought a size large "I give up dress" with a shruggy sweater. It hung to my chubby feet.

    I had cabbage souped, 3 day'd, atkinsed, calorie counted, slim fasted, cardio'd, heavy lifted, half starved my way all the way to high blood pressure, weariness and joint pain. I was old and appropriately frumpy.

    I used 1200 calories and walking to get to be 124 by my 44th birthday. For one brief shining moment I was 119 lbs. tired and sickly.

    Since then I have been under 125 lbs twice.

    My worst bounce was in early 2008 when I had back trouble, a hysterectomy and was diagnosed with arthritis. I went back up to 162 lbs.

    Choosing my favourite parts of blood type, lowish carb and body for life ... I was 135 lbs on Monday March the 8th, 2010. Then I read Primal Blueprint.

    It, so very nicely, encompassed many things I already believed and knew would work for me and (the big AND) would help me overcome my inability to maintain.

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    Well, you found a plan for life now! It will be so good to get rid of the dieting for good!

    Keep us updated on how you do.


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      My husband wanted to go for a walk. I could hardly turn down that opportunity

      I'm not sure when I first became suspicious of wheat. Probably when I realised that my friend was celiac. I avoided white foods (fast carbs)and then just recently became suspicious of grains in general.

      I read the Paleo Diet and um ... But I tried reading Primal Blueprint and THAT I liked.

      Wheat and grains were 'my' first to go. I had some cornbread at our daughter's last weekend and a few shortbread cookies on Wednesday. But have been better since then.

      I struggled with cream and sugar in my coffee. It was my go-to energy shot. I haven't done that since Friday.


      fruit salad

      cottage cheese

      boiled eggs


      pork chop


      chicken breast



      boiled eggs


      pork chop



      fruit salad

      cottage cheese


      I've been using olive oil and butter.

      I need to work on salad dressings next.


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        I'm happy to announce my lowest weight in over 2 1/2 years. Just dropped 3 pounds fast! Love it.

        I also realised today that I do not remember when was the last time I used either ibuprofen or glucosamine and my hips feel fine!

        I've pretty much been ketotic for three days.

        I went grocery shopping today. Man! I love food!

        New tries are coconut oil, scallops, endive and crimini mushrooms. I even tried a take-out coffee with double cream and sweetener.


        scrambled egg

        hard boiled egg

        a huge strawberry

        celery with cream cheese & almonds or pate

        scallops and garlic in butter

        stirfry type vegetable melange in olive and coconut oil

        brazil nuts

        I'll have fruit and cheese later.

        Protein is low and fat is astronomical!

        I've been for a walk and should do something explosive.

        BTW ... I'm having a ball! This is great!


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          As a life long yo-yo-er ... I really thought my days of a 'diet honeymoon' swoosh were over. But not!

          BTW ... burpees suck!


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            Burpees do suck! I hate them. I think your right, it is important to find a diet that you can maintain life long. That way you don't get that yoyo effect. You might want to get some exercise if you want to accelerate the weight loss though.


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              LOL ... ninjagirl!

              I did sprints on the elliptical after supper and in a few minutes I'm going to walk to an aloette party. Ya, I know But the proceeds go to a charity we support so ... And the last time the hostess and I ate together we had venison pepperettes!


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                0600 - cream cheese with almonds, cashews, currants and dried cranberries

                0900 - two hard boiled eggs

                1200 - lots of crunchy veggies, pork chop, cashews, real salad dressing, avocado

                1530 - coffee with cream

                supper - roast beef, green beans with butter and coconut oil

                two apricots at the aloette party

                bedtime snack - fruit salad with cottage and ricotta cheese


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                  I had to go back and check but yup, I've lost over 4 lbs in 9 days. Now while that may not seem like much for a lot of beginning swooshers ... I've already lost a bunch, am not in bad shape and am within 6-8 lbs of my ideal (er what I thought my ideal to be).

                  I have a few musings that I'd like to get down in print.

                  Literally no arthritic pain and I've had it in some form almost every day for years.

                  No afternoon slump.

                  No looking at a clock and hoping it was lunch when it's only 10:30.

                  No puffy hands and face in the morning.

                  I wake up awake.


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                    I had a weak foggy spell after work at 3 and can't quite figure out why. I wasn't in ketosis after that either. Hmmm.

                    0600-cream cheese, dried fruit, nuts

                    0900- coffee with cream, pats of butter, two hard boiled eggs

                    noon- BAS, roast beef, real salad dressing

                    1630- pate in lettuce leaves, cottage cheese

                    supper- pork chop, BAS, avocado, nuts, real salad dressing

                    more eggs with butter

                    still need a snack, probably fruit and cheese

                    Did tabata style elliptical and a walk outside.


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                      I chose not to have the fruit and cheese after all. Went to bed at a decent time instead.

                      Over 2000 cals yesterday! I can't believe it! 0.2 lbs loss! I've been reading my fitday goofily (is that a word?) My carbs were 56.6. I told a friend I was running about equal protien and carbs. I'll have to get back to her about that.


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                        I'm at my daughter's for a couple of days. We're having a girls primal weekend. The first thing we did was go shopping for food.

                        It's fun!

                        We're eating really well. Doing a lot of walking and shopping walking

                        I did buy ketosticks for this little adventure but I think I will now be fine without them. Whenever I start voiding large amounts frequently, I test positive.

                        Also, I'm not tracking in fitday and am staying pretty well in ketosis so apparently I've got my foods figured out pretty well.

                        Since I'm away from home, I'm also away from my scale. I was using that first rapid swoosh for motivation. But, I'm OK. I guess I'm confident in the blueprint.


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                          I love my daughter and I love my granddaughter but I'm sure glad to be home.

                          We went for a brisk walk this evening. I just ate a sausage and egg scamble. My lunch, for tomorrow, is packed. And now, I'm going to crawl into my own bed!


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                            I've been off work for three days. Yes, just three days! I got stopped in the hall trying to explain to a group of coworkers how I look so "tiny".

                            I talked about meat, eggs, vegetables, butter ... whole natural foods, I said.

                            You should have seen the looks on their faces. You'd think I was talking about mushrooms from Mars or vegetables from Venus!

                            One of them sat down with me at lunch. "But, that looks good." She said.

                            Lawdy! It was broccoli, celery, tomatoes, almonds, salmon and salad dressing!

                            I think I've found a fairly reliable source of farm eggs. I'm really excited about that. Around here, there are lots of folks who have a few chickens but finding someone who will sell them is another story!


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                              It was time for an assessment.

                              Since Mar 8th, I've lost almost 5 lbs. Almost, leaves me hovering over 130 and I'd much rather be under. This kind of petty frustration usually leads me to some kind of stupid "hurry up" trick like eating 700 or 800 cals and rambling away on the elliptical. Maybe even a laxative.

                              In an effort to encourage myself, I took my measurements again.

                              In four weeks ...

                              Bust-down 1 inch to 35.5

                              Waist down 1.5 inches to 27.5

                              Hips down 1 inch to 37

                              I've only been a good-ish primal for around two weeks of that, but it's plenty to keep me sure that I'm doing the right thing.

                              I'm going to do some reading today about fat loss. Maybe there's a little something I can tweak to get under my redline number on the scale. It'll be maintenance and general healthy, fitness care in another couple of pounds.