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OK............I know I HAVE to do this.

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  • OK............I know I HAVE to do this.


    I was perusing a wedding forum this evening in preparation for my upcoming wedding and another bride-to-be mentioned the Primal Blueprint. I looked up the website and read the current success story posted on the page, and basically I read my own story.

    I need to lose over 100 lbs. I have been working for 8 months at dieting and exercising with a total loss of 10 lbs. Yes, I'd love to look fabulous in my wedding dress and it hurts when I get the feeling that my family members that are being successful at weight loss feel sorry for me, but I know that can't be my reason for wanting to be healthy. The honest to goodness fact is that I don't care if I weigh 300 lbs if I was able to feel good all the time and do the things I want to do.

    Anyway, so here I am wanting to give this a real effort. I have a lot of reading a head of me, but I have nothing else to lose at this point.


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    My advice is to get the book and also read the Start Here part of the website. You're going to see a lot of forum posts about people doing some serious tweaking with ice water, IF (intermitant fasting), carb refeeds, etc and NONE of that should be crossing your mind until you've been doing this for a very long time and are trying to get rid of those last few pounds.

    Just stick with the basic - no wheat or other gluten, no seed oils, no soy, no legumes, no chemicals or artificial anything. Eat plenty of good meat, fish eggs, vegetables, water, coconut, a little fruit and nuts. It's always sad to see a newbie get all caught up in the confusion of the Great Debates here and think it's just too complicated when it's really so very simple.

    Depending on what you're used to eating, you'll probably get something called "carb flu" which will leave you feeling lethargic and just generally run down for a week or two. That's perfectly normal and actually a bit of a good sign because it means your body is swicthing from sugar to fat as a fuel source. It sucks - there's no denying that - but it's a good thing, and you just have to get through it. Don't try to lessen the effects by having just a little bread or something. You'll only drag it out indefinitely. Once you get through it, your energy levels will be a lot more stable and you'll feel a lot better than when you started out.

    Also, you're probably going to lose a bunch of weight right away, usually water weight from cutting grains. Your body just doesn't feel the need to hang on to as much as it used to. Then you'll start losing more slowly. You might not even notice any changes on the scale. But this is all normal. I got super frustrated because the scale was not moving at all for a couple of weeks, but my boyfriend could tell that my shape was definitely changing and I was leaning up. And then the scale started catching up to what he was seeing and it was all good.

    I think you're going to be surprised at how well it works.


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      Ditto to everything RitaRose said. DO NOT get caught up in all the different strategies people experiment with. And don't make this another crash diet. If you think to yourself "ok, only ___ more days until I can eat "normal" again you will feel deprived and gain the weight back as soon as you go off this lifestyle. It really is a lifestyle that you must believe in. People will think you are crazy for eating 50%+ of your daily calories in fat! Know that this really is the healthiest thing you can do for your body and your results will speak for you.

      Another tip, I got really caught up in the "more fat the better" thing in the beginning. I was eating tons of bacon, putting extra butter on everything, frying my meat in bacon fat. This did not work for me. It may be fie for you and actually may be helpful with the transition to have lots of extra fat. You will probably still loose weight as you have quite a bit to lose. I gained weight. If you notice you are not losing or you stall out, you can get plenty of fat w/o adding much. Stick to the fats naturally occurring in the meat you eat, what you cook in and small amounts added to salads. I really believe womens bodies work a little different so I would be careful to follow a menu that includes tons of bacon added fats that may work really well for a man.

      Keep carbs under 100g/day CONSISTANTLY and you should lose weight very easily w/O feeling deprived.

      Keep a food journal here if you need help! Good luck! I will be checking in
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        Thank you Rita and Montana! I really appreciate you checking in. Like I mentioned I just came across this in a wedding forum last night and while I have family members that are successful on the paleo diet, I hadn't had any direction and so I didn't want to start anything. I hope with this website and the books that I can get a hold of this way of eating -- I known for a long time that my icky health has been directly related to food. I had been reading a few things on this forum about fasting, water faster, and lots and lots of fat which I'm glad to hear either of you really adhere to those things. I am waiting to receive the copies of the books, but in the mean time I am going to work on sticking to lean protein, veggies, and fruit - I think my biggest challenge will be cutting out sugar and grain so that's all I'm willing to commit to until I'm ready to tweak things for what my body's optimal needs.


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          I agree to what the others said. For newbies, the forum is a great place for support. (Good luck on primal and congratulations on your wedding.)

          Trust what your body says. It will tell you when you have had enough fat, as long as you avoid the sugar and grain. Don't add fat just because someone says to. As for fasting, just be aware of when your body is not really hungry, i.e. you are just eating for other reasons. If you are not hungry, skip a meal.
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