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I need help...seriously...I need help......sighs

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    Looks spot on for an active, normal day. Good work!
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      I think you're still low on calories... I would estimate I eat about 2000 kcal per day, maybe more sometimes and I'm a 120 LBS girl and would consider myself a fitness freak if I were half as active as you are And I have no problem fitting all these calories in my day at all. I could definitely have some more But I wake up starving almost every morning and I eat a really big hearty breakfast, so if you don't feel hungry until lunch, eating enough may really be problematic...

      Maybe try to "shift" your meals a bit - eat breakfast but not the moment you get up, but a few hours later. Then eat a late lunch and dinner?


      • #48 is the latest....upping the fat and calories in my meals and cutting out snack since monday....down 3.5lbs this morning....but those results may have been skewed because of yesterday lol this was my day:

        630 am work out: out to the "beach"..partner guy runs into the water for apx 60 yards until the water is above chest level then another 10 strokes (20 yards maybe)..turn around and head back in. The other guy is on shore with a 25-30LB boulder and is throwing it any which way he can..over head, under hand, over hand etc...we switched off to do 6 reps of each exercise each and then we both waded out into the water to our waist and did 15 squat jumps trying to get our knees out of the water each work out.

        then off to work...drove today not skateboard

        Lunch..we smoked a whole salmon at i had 1/3rd of a salmon, salad, avocados, cucumbers and tomato

        back to work

        after work I played 9 holes of golf and then hit the skate park for about 45 mins of light skating

        dinner was late, i had about 2.5 cups of chilli including ground beef, mushrooms, onions, carrots and tomato sauce. 2 coconut waters and then off to bed.

        this morning I was supposed to swim but there was lightning so no swim this morning...but i was down 3.5lbs from monday.
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          I have a question for my own personal knowledge. Why is it that increasing calories would help Dan loose weight? This is counter to what I would have thought? I understand not all calories are the same, but Dan was eating primal, so food quality was not an issue. His carbs seemed in the Weight loss zone. Increasing fat intake would definitely increase his calories from fat, which should fill Dan up for longer. Not an argument, here either, just looking for an understanding.

          I've been at 1200-1300 cals when i spot check and have lost 40 lbs from 200 to 160. I only do walking and biking for maintenance, so I'm not extremely active compared to dan. I'm trying now to up calories to maintain weight, and obviously if I keep my carbs in the 100-150, i should be fine. But I've also been trying to eat more at meals to hold my weight. But what your saying is that if I eat more of the same low carb primal foods, I would would I accelerate my weight-loss. I certainly don't want to do that.


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            from what i understand and from what I believe the folks on here were trying to say was that by depriving my body or restricing the calories my body perceives that as a stress and therefore goes into survival mode..which means the metabolism slows down and holds on to as much excess as it can to make it through whatever the stressing situation is...however..if i increase calories...especially in protein and fat then the body clicks in and says..hey every thing is is good and easy...burn it all because we can afford to use all the excess we have because lots of food coming all the need to store any of it.

            this is obviously a simplified version...and if i am wrong please correct me..but that is my understanding of it.


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              A Primal Co-worker and had discussed your situation, and the recommendation, and that's what he said could be happening, but also thought that the calories had to be lower for this to occur at around 400. So it may be that your so active that this is happening at 1600. Ill wait for anyone else to chime in hear if they have further explanations.