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    Hi there. I'm new to the forums! I've been following this blog for the course of several months and have been transitioning my diet from a vegetarian (ovo/lacto, then vegan for a few months...ugh), to a grain-consuming omnivore, to a primal diet. At first I thought the blog was a little insane, but now it's making A LOT of sense.

    Yesterday was my first day of focused primal eating. I'm originally from Western PA (i.e. the boondocks) and grew up on fresh meats and veggies straight from the garden. My family was (and still is) full of hunters/fishers and I've had a variety of wild game as meals. Including rattlesnake! My extended family owned a honestly I have no idea why I was ever a vegetarian with all the awesome fresh meat choices

    So basically I'm trying to get back to my roots, keeping the root veggies, but avoiding the grains and sugars.

    I used to think grains were great until I started to research wheat sensitivity. I gave it up for a while last month and wow! Felt like a million bucks and lost some stomach pudge. I threw it back in my diet and noticed a big difference. Noticeable bloat, irritability, headaches. Blargh.

    I'm going to give the PB a 30 day run. I'd like to see how I feel. I'm lucky to have a large farmer's market (anyone ever heard of the infamous Q-Mart by chance?) literally within walking distance of my apartment. I can't grow much besides herbs and lettuce in the apartment (bummer), but there's certainly a lot of local options available in the market now.

    As for activity, I, like some others, completed P90X. Prior to that, I ran a lot. Now, I'm more compelled to do shorter workouts. Not really digging 75 minutes of workout in one day nor running 6 miles. I like to keep them 40 minutes or less. I am now doing strength 3x per week - mostly squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, body-weight moves to continue building my strength. I like intervals and biking for cardio. I'm also a volunteer firefighter which adds well...who knows what on any given day in terms of activity. I also just like goofing off.

    So here's to hoping the PB works for me!

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    Okay, so thoughts at my one month point of PB living:

    - If I eat grains, especially refined grains, my stomach feels crampy and bloated about 1 hour past eating them. I tested this the other day with some pizza. Ugh. The only "grain" that doesn't irk my stomach is corn on the cob. I allow this as an infrequent cheat food if it's served at a picnic.

    - If I eat any amount of "junk" or processed foods, typically sugary crap, I wake up with a "hangover" the next day. I tested this over the weekend. I had 1/3 funnel cake, a waffle & ice cream sandwich, and some french fries. I felt like absolute poo when I woke up the next day. I also had a killer sick stomach to boot. Coldstone ice cream gave me a ridiculous migraine the night before. Sweet treats are tempting, but reliving those after effects is NOT.

    - Yogurt and small servings of cheese are okay here and there, but I still have issues with drinking any quantity of whole milk. I can use a little in coffee or cooking, but beyond 1-2 oz, I get some stomach issues, mostly bloating.

    - Eggs may seriously be the wonder food. I now keep them on hand at all times and really enjoy them hardboiled. I also like them overeasy with bacon. Mmm...yolk.

    - I have tried a handful of the Worker Bee recipes with great success. My boyfriend really likes the meatball & carrot/broc mash recipe. It's primal comfort food, IMO.

    - I initially lost 4 lbs in two weeks of clean primal eating along with some moderate exercise, but had some events and other things that tested my eating. I regained my 4 lbs. This was actually a good control in my 30 day experiment. I know now that I can lose weight on PB without a lot of effort.

    - I can't hack chronic cardio any more. Just can't do it. I love that it's possible to get an awesome workout playing around on a jungle gym or going on a nature hike or bike ride. This adds a lot of freedom into my former rigorous workout schedule.

    - People actually commented on how much better I looked in two weeks of this. My face really shows weight loss AND a huge thing is PB eating seems to clear up my skin. I'm not sure if that's due to the addition of coconut oil and addtl EVOO into my diet or simply the fact I'm avoiding processed crap.