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  • Hey!

    Hey friends, new here and stopping by to say hello and tell a little about me.

    My name is Mike and i am from the DFW region of Texas, 42 years young. Tried Primal a while back and got swayed over to vegetarian. Yikes, i was having good results with primal, but veggie did not work for me at all. I ended up GAINING a LOT of weight due to the grains and stuff trying to fill the meat void. So i am back on it and got Marks book and finished it yesterday.

    I am starting the Tapout xt workout program monday, ive done p90x and liked it but had to return it to its owner. The Tapout looked interesting so i am giving it a shot. I also have Kettlebells and sledge hammer and 18 wheeler tire to make my neighbors think i am nuts. Lol. I am training for the Tough Mudder in Austin Tx in Oct.

    My goal...... 6 pack abs by next summer....

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    BTW... Since i have read PB, any other books that are recommended reading ?


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      Hi, I'm a Newbie here as well, another book I got a lot out of is "Why we get Fat" by Gary Taubes. It gets pretty technical about the mechanisms involved in fat storage vs. fat usage, but it really reinforces and complements the Primal Blueprint.

      Good luck on your journey!

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        I just came across your posting..
        What's your opinion of the Tapout XT program? Like most infomercials the production is slick but I'd rather hear from another member here...

        BTW- I'm also from the DFW region.


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          Good luck. Any stats to share? I always like a little perspective.


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            Also from N Texas. Primal Body Primal Mind is pretty good. I'd also recommend searching that title in iTunes for podcasts. Also search Mark Sisson in iTunes for podcasts. Robb Wolf, too.
            Would I be putting a grain-feed cow on a fad diet if I took it out of the feedlot and put it on pasture eating the grass nature intended?


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              Originally posted by livefit2012 View Post
              BTW... Since i have read PB, any other books that are recommended reading ?
              Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf

              Paleo Answer, Loren Cordain


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                All I can say about Tapout is that I'm out of shape and it kicks my ass big time. I like it better than p90x, but that's just my opinion. Mostly because the fighting moves of the Tapout will build muscle memory and could be helpful in the real world.

                From what I've read most all of those workouts are pretty good. You get out of them what you put in. I have a friend that does the Insanity Workout and he likes it. He does marathons and tris so he is fit and says it's a challenge.

                It's nice to stay home and get a sweaty heart pounding workout in and have lots of time with the family. The kids even get involved which is a huge plus to me.