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    Your location: Austin, TX

    Age (If you want): 32

    How Primal are you: Probably about 80-90% nutritionally. I am a triathlete so I get more cardio than Mark recommends, but otherwise very primal lifestyle-wise

    Do you consume dairy: some butter, a little cheese, and greek yogurt

    Do you drink coffee or tea: tea most days, coffee once every week or two

    Motivator for switching to Primal: Cut out wheat in Sept, felt great! Saw how well a friend did at her Ironman in Nov. after going Paleo that summer- I had to try it!! (Primal fits me a little better than strictly Paleo). After already cutting out wheat, going Primal was pretty easy.

    Favorite exercise: swimming! But I also love biking, running, hiking, and weight lifting

    Favorite Primal food:I love bacon and eggs, but I also recently discovered coconut milk smoothies-yum!

    Best part about being Primal: I feel great!

    Worst part about being Primal: can't think of one


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      Your location: Madison, WI

      Age (If you want): 29

      How Primal are you: Not at all, just started reading the book. The more I read, the worse I am, hah.

      Do you consume dairy: Yeah, but I expect that may change

      Do you drink coffee or tea: No, hate caffeine

      Motivator for switching to Primal: Poor health and a recommendation from a friend. I work in software development (I make the sounds), and my job is very sedentary. That, combined with poor diet, has left me in pretty bad shape. I'm very overweight, have high blood pressure, and am worrying that I may not see my children grow up. A friend at another studio in California pointed me to this book, said it has worked wonders for him, and so I'm about to jump on board.

      Favorite exercise: Stationary bike (I usually read my kindle or play a video game while doing it)

      Favorite Primal food: Haven't seen the list (next chapter I think!), but I'm guessing... chicken

      Best part about being Primal: The best is yet to come?

      Worst part about being Primal: Change is always difficult


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        The Questions:

        I've been lurking for a few months--time to introduce myself.

        Your location: Ohio

        Age (If you want): 41

        How Primal are you: Not entirely, but more and more

        Do you consume dairy: Yes

        Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes, both

        Motivator for switching to Primal: Diagnoses of depression, type II diabetes, fatty liver, hypertension--clearly something was very wrong!

        Favorite exercise: so far, walking, but I'm getting more fond of basic strength exercises (those few I can do)

        Favorite Primal food: Is bacon primal? If not, steak.

        Best part about being Primal: Same bacon question... if not, steak.

        Worst part about being Primal: Pretty much missing all the foods I miss anyway from the diabetes... pie, ice cream, pie, pie, cheesecake, pizza, mashed potatoes, pie... and then there's the pie thing.


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          Your location: Geneva, NY

          Age (If you want): 48

          How Primal are you: 70/30? I'm really pretty good.

          Do you drink coffee or tea: Coffee all the time!

          Motivator for switching to Primal: Getting all those #s down - losing weight - maybe more muscle

          Favorite exercise: I walk a lot, trot occasionally, sprint occasionally. I like Xcountry skiing more. Weight lifting is more satisfying that I used to think.

          Favorite Primal food: mmmmm....fat.

          Best part about being Primal: Eating pretty much what I like other than toast.

          Worst part about being Primal: Toast. I miss toast. But only when I eat bacon.


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            Your location: Pittsburgh, PA

            Age (If you want): 28

            How Primal are you: Uhmmmmm . . . . baby steps, baby steps (I'd say reliably at about 75% )

            Do you consume dairy: Yes. 1-2c of whole milk a day, the occasional snack of cheese, and you can pry my unsalted butter out of my cold, dead hands

            Do you drink coffee or tea: Tea. Usually a Mate or Roobios tea.

            Motivator for switching to Primal: Well it started off as having to look good in a wedding dress in eight months and the simultaneous revelation that I have never been this heavy in my life. I knew I'd never be able to stick with calorie restriction, point counting and endless cardio so I looked for options. For the most part the primal diet is how I'm naturally inclined to eat (meat and veggies with a side of meat and veggies, with meat and veggies for desert)

            Favorite exercise: I love weight training.

            Favorite Primal food: Dark meat chicken

            Best part about being Primal: I feel great. No winter itchies, high energy, mental alertness and I'm sleeping deeper and better.

            Worst part about being Primal: Dear god, I miss fresh baked bread (I used to make a loaf every sunday for the week).


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              Gottalovealab where are you in OH???

              Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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                I'm in Columbus.


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                  well im in dyt and hannahc is in cincy!

                  Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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                    Now we just need a Cleveland to chime in.


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                      Your location: Denmark

                      Age (If you want): 17

                      How Primal are you: Beginner!

                      Do you consume dairy: Once in a while, used to have both milk and yogurt every day but ive recently quit milk and might quit yogurt hate cheese.

                      Do you drink coffee or tea: Green tea 3 times a day

                      Motivator for switching to Primal: Hmm, hoping to get rid of my remaining acne, would be nice to gain some more muscle

                      Favorite exercise: Dunno, love a lot of exercises, but been getting into a habit of not doing much :s... Train martial arts and rosstraining in a gym of sorts, but its around 6km away which can be a pain to get to on ma bike, especially atm since we're knee-deep in snow where I live.

                      Favorite Primal food: Don't have a favorite, but I LOOVE fruit and meat! Started making salads aswell and really enjoying them! Afraid I'm eating too much fruit and too little veggies though, and I'm having trouble getting enough meat to fill my needs (lunch/breakfast).

                      Best part about being Primal: Haven't been long enough to say hopefully results!

                      Worst part about being Primal: Planning in meals, the grain culture is so deeply embedded everywhere that going without it seems very daunting, and since I live at home and aren't cooking my own meals I'm often served pasta or rice :S...


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                        HI!!! I am new here, I just got this website from a GREAT friend of mine, so I am going to see how this all works for me... but I will go ahead and introduce myself.


                        Your location: South Dakota, USA

                        Age (If you want): 22

                        How Primal are you: well I am already fairly primal because I went on a cleanse when I left my husband and cut a lot out of my diet... but I am thinking not so much because I eat more bread/grains than I should.

                        Do you consume dairy: some... skim milk when I crave it and cheese sometimes.

                        Do you drink coffee or tea: I drink both

                        Motivator for switching to Primal: health... i am not sure if it is the best thing for me, that is why I am here to learn more and explore. I kind of feel overwhelmed, but from the results my friend has had-totally worth it.

                        Favorite exercise: I go to curves.

                        Favorite Primal food: I think mine is probably onions I love onions.

                        Best part about being Primal: I am guessing it is the health? the energy? not needing to count crap?

                        Worst part about being Primal: Seems scary when it comes to high cholesterol and things like that... we will see..

                        Where do I go from here?


                        Live Like No One Else



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                          Your location: Brisbane/Queensland/Australia

                          Age (If you want): 25

                          How Primal are you: All the way at current, only started full primal about 4 days ago, cut out sugar and all that is bad.

                          Do you consume dairy: I'm allergic to cows milk, though i do tend to have some goats milk every now and then.

                          Do you drink coffee or tea: I drink a organic caffiene green tea, cause i like the taste.

                          Motivator for switching to Primal: I have been having trouble sleeping, and i want to loose some body fat.

                          Favorite exercise: I love to do my 5x5 regime (weights).

                          Favorite Primal food: Steak but i eat mostly chicken and salmon.

                          Best part about being Primal: I have not had much benifits yet, though I am sure it will follow as i keep going.

                          Worst part about being Primal: I love gummybears haha.

                          I've noticed since i have dropped the sugars and grains full i get a craving for it, this tells you how addictive the stuff is, I even had a dream about eatting gummybears and snakes lollies. :S.

                          I am happy to apart of such a collective of intelligent and supportive community, hope to learn alot and to share alot


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                            Your location: near Albany, NY

                            Age (If you want): 54

                            How Primal are you: don't know yet, am evolving...devolving? *grin*

                            Do you consume dairy: I get milk, cream, and half and half from a local dairy. It's lightly pasteurized and non-homogenized. I use the cream for whipped or soured cream that I make and the half-and-half for my coffee.

                            Do you drink coffee or tea: coffee in the morning, herbal and other teas in the afternoon.

                            Motivator for switching to Primal: HEALTH and weight loss! I am overweight, arthritic, overstressed, tired all the time, lousy metabolic markers, high levels of inflammation, have had two surgeries on my spine and fusions from C3 to C7. I'm a modern mess.

                            Favorite exercise: Walking/hiking.

                            Favorite Primal food: roast lamb with lots of garlic.

                            Best part about being Primal: don't know yet...hopefully, good health, vitality, well-being.

                            Worst part about being Primal: So far, day 3, I would say the worst part is feeling hungry and a tad woozy. Though I do welcome this hungry sensation as it feels healthy and natural.

                            Well, it's good to be here. I'm pretty desperate to feel better. My back, knees and feet hurt from carrying excess weight; my C-reative protein (inflammation marker) is way high, as are my triglycerides and LDL; I'm overstressed (two special needs teens, a diabetic, hypertensive husband I worry about, my own health), overfed, underexercised.

                            I can't change my circumstances---it IS stressful to have kids with serious illnesses and problems transitioning to adulthood---but I CAN change my diet, my exercise habits, and my approach to life. Which is why I am here.



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                              Your location: Berkley, MI (metro Detroit)

                              Age (If you want): 26

                              How Primal are you: just over 3 weeks in, still getting my head wrapped around it, but my first 2 weeks I used and it said I was doing pretty well nutrition-wise.

                              Do you consume dairy: Only in hard, aged cheese or the occasional yogurt.

                              Do you drink coffee or tea: I love good coffee and tea. Not for the energy but the flavor.

                              Motivator for switching to Primal: IBS-like symptoms that I'm self-diagnosing now as Celiac since they are gone entirely. I lost 120 lbs on my own before going primal, and had hit a plateau. Looking to lose the last of the fat and firm up with a primal lifestyle.

                              Favorite exercise: Hiking

                              Favorite Primal food: Eggs, anyway you cook them (couldn't eat them with my explosive gut pre-PB.)

                              Best part about being Primal: Eggs, energy, results

                              Worst part about being Primal: Trying to explain PB in brief to a skeptic. Oh, and my legumes.

                              Glad to be here, thanks for all the insights so far, folks...



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                                Your location: New Braunfels, TX.

                                Age (If you want): 24

                                How Primal are you: As far as cutting out sugar/grains very primal. As far as eating a large array of vegetables, my taste buds and I are working on it.

                                Do you consume dairy: At this point yes, some cream in my coffee and cheese here and there. Oh, and butter..FOR SUUUUURE.

                                Do you drink coffee or tea: Tried to cut out coffee at the beginning and my head hurt for days and days...put up quite a fight. I gave in out of fear of missing work. One day I will have to revisit this detox.

                                Motivator for switching to Primal: Me and the husband wanted to start eating cleaner and to cut out processed crap. I have done low carb before and knew it was my only way to fully give up sugar. Then we found out about primal from a friend and we went for it. I would LOVE to lose weight. 10 lbs so far!

                                Favorite exercise: Just starting to think about exercise. New to primal. We just bought new bikes and I have mine set up on an inside trainer.

                                Favorite Primal food: Bacon, Blueberries, snow crab legs, beef jerky

                                Best part about being Primal: NOT BEING A SLAVE TO FOOD AND CRAVINGS AND LOW BLOOD SUGAR! Also, losing weight is such a relief.

                                Worst part about being Primal: trying to get enough vegetables. Grew up on McDonalds and other fast food, so I have to really adjust my taste buds. Right now, salads to me are ICK!