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  • Your location: Houston, TX

    Age (If you want):30

    How Primal are you: mostly... 90%

    Do you consume dairy: Some cheese

    Do you drink coffee or tea: one cup a day

    Motivator for switching to Primal: It dovetailed into my desire to eat less frankenfoods

    Favorite exercise: walking

    Favorite Primal food: homemade jerky

    Best part about being Primal: I've lost 35 pounds since mid-Feb, my acne is gone, energy is up, and my mood is great

    Worst part about being Primal: I'm having trouble answering this one


    • Hello everyone, just joined today. I found Mark's blog while researching paleo diet recipes oddly enough. I did a fasting cleanse in late April thus year and weaned onto the paleo diet using John Chatham's "The Paleo Solution" as my dietary guide. Once I found this site I was eager to learn more. Both dietary approaches are very similar by the way.

      I just finished Mark's book "The Primal Bluprint" and I just bought one of the recipe books as well. So after years of being one of those skinny fat people I've made a lifestyle change that makes the most sense to me. I hope to be primal for life!

      Now for the questions:

      Name: Lenora
      Your Location: Midwest USA
      Age: 46

      How primal are you: I'm actually very primal and even paleo with my diet (no dairy except for cultured butter from grass fed cows). I'd say I'm 95% or more primal with my nutrition, and I'm just starting my PEMs. I did sprint in the sand last week while I was on vacation and I'm starting some strength training but I have a ways to go to get primal with my exercise, probably about 50% right now.

      Do you consume dairy: No

      Do you drink coffee or tea: I was a huge coffee addict until about two months ago. Got hooked on it in college. I occasionally have green tea with a little bit of grade B maple syrup, but I don't drink coffee anymore. Drink of choice is filtered water.

      Motivator for switching to Primal: I want to live a long healthy life and this lifestyle makes the most sense to me.

      Favorite exercise: dancing, HIIT, and resistance training in that order.

      Best Primal food: a tasty medium rare grass fed filet mignon.

      Best part of being Primal: feeling great and having steady energy levels and sleep patterns.

      Worst part about being primal: having to tell others about all the things I don't eat, but that's not too bad in the grand scheme of things.


      • Your location: Russia

        Age: 36

        How Primal are you: I occasionaly eat dairy (cheese mostly) and small amounts of non-gluten grains, if I really want to. Also, I don't have access to organic/grass-fed/pastured products, so I have to make do with the usual supermarket stuff. Apart from this, I'm more or less primal.

        Do you consume dairy: Yes, cheese mostly. I don't really have much problem with dairy, but I don't particularly like it (apart from cheese - can't live without it )

        Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes, to both. I drink a lot of green tea. Coffee - sometimes, no more than one cup a day

        Motivator for switching to Primal: I'm gluten intolerant, I was diagnosed 2 years ago and have been gluten free since then. Being gluten free brought amazing results - so many of my problems simply disappeared, and I never felt that good in my life! However, after two years, I decided that this is not enough. I still have some lingering health issues which gluten-free life didn't cure. Also, now that I know how good I can feel, I want to feel even better.

        Favorite exercise: walking and sprints

        Favorite Primal food: all kinds of meat

        Best part about being Primal: I can see and feel my health improving and my energy rising. I feel great!

        Worst part about being Primal: that I can't switch my parents and best friends to it - they are too stubborn


        • Name: Carol
          Location: SE Virginia
          Age: 32
          How Primal are you: For the past 4 months or so have been about 90% Primal (food-wise), making exceptions for beer & ice cream once in a while (not together!) & still working on my sweet tooth! I venture into the chronic cardio realm probably much more than is recommended, but I truly love the endorphins from it.
          Do you consume dairy: (see ice cream answer above ) Very occasionally some good cheese. Dairy mostly affects my skin and my sinuses more than anything else.
          Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes! Most often coffee, with coconut cream (the coconut part - with no water - from canned coconut milk)
          Motivator for switching to Primal: Noticed a gluten intolerance so went gluten-free in 2010, and gradually became more aware of all grains' effects on me so I started seeking out recipes that were grain-free, and stumbled into websites like this one, and it all made sense! I get bloated and "feel fat" (and have all kinds of other issues) w/ so many SAD foods, so some of the motivation is purely aesthetic reasons.
          Favorite exercise: Hiking, but I love almost all exercise. I used to be a runner, but then had (still have) bad arthritis in my knees & had to give it up almost completely.
          Favorite Primal food: I love beef liver! Cooked in coconut oil with caramelized onions.. currently my favorite food.
          Best part about being Primal: Clear head, clear skin!
          Worst part about being Primal: Knowing how stuff that I might want to eat will affect me... sometimes ignorance is bliss!


          • Name: Trish
            Location: Canada
            Age: 49
            How Primal are you? I'm about 90 to 95%, and still working on cutting out the condiments, what little I do eat of them.
            Do you consume Dairy? mostly butter in limited amts to cook veggies and that's about it.
            Do you drink coffee or tea: I drink both, but drink decaf coffee, or herbal teas
            Motivator for switching to Primal: I have been having problems with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as a host of other health problems my entire life. I've been trying to go Primal for the past 18 months but am now at the point where I can go on it permanently, after I've had to deal with recovering from a bad car accident in Jan that I'm almost recovered from. The accident gave me a fresh perspective on life, and has changed it for the better, as it's given me the incentive to achieve the goals I set for myself. I went Primal June 1st, and am still tweaking the diet to where I want it to be. Not too concerned about the weight loss right now, but am focused on eating Primal every day. I will probably lose close to 40 lbs by the end of the year, my but focus is not on the weightloss right now just on eating Primal everyday.
            Favorite exercise: Walking, and some sprints.
            Favorite Primal food: A good thick steak
            Best thing about being Primal: Feeling healthier and having more energy.
            Worst part about being Primal: Eating out, but am learning to find healthier options at restaurants.


            • Name: Patrick
              Location: Illinois
              Age: 47
              How Primal are you? Started my primal journey June 1st, I have been 90% primal thus far.
              Do you consume Dairy? Just butter for cooking and cream in my coffee.
              Do you drink coffee or tea? Both, regular coffee 2-3 cups a week, green or brown tea 4-6 cups a week.
              Motivator for switching to Primal? I've know for years my behavior towards food and exercise has me going down a rocky road to an early grave. Considering how successful all other aspects of my life are in comparison, I've finally come to realize I am just being selfish and irresponsible by treating my health the way I have. I have come to this cross roads before, a few times. I need this attempt to get healthy and stay healthy to be success from day 1 through to my final day. I deserve to live long, and I cannot do that if I am not healthy. I will only get what I deserve if I want it bad enough to do the right and responsible things to earn it.
              Favorite exercise? Walking
              Favorite Primal food? I am a hunter, so any game meat make my day!
              Best thing about being Primal? Not going to lie, Primal allows me to continue enjoying bacon, can't top that!
              Worst part about being Primal? Learning all of the nutritional science behind it and retaining that knowledge in a way to use it properly. I will overcome that with practice; all things become easy with practice.
              Follow my progress at ->Journal: My Body Revival


              • The Questions: right now, wondering what the healthiest fats are, and the best foods to get them in?

                Your location: Cincinnati, Ohio

                Age (If you want): 56

                How Primal are you: I'm getting closer and closer, just started experimenting and researching it.....have lost 5 pounds in a week!

                Do you consume dairy: yes quite a bit, is that bad? I find a lot of sat. fats, in cottage cheese and full fat yogurt, but both of those have more protein than fat, which I am trying to get away from!

                Do you drink coffee or tea: yes about 3 cups of coffee, first half of day

                Motivator for switching to Primal: a healthier lifestyle, concerned about what goes in, to lose a few pounds and tone it up!

                Favorite exercise: biking, walking, golf

                Favorite Primal food: meat

                Best part about being Primal: I am starting to feel better, and OA in knees is going away!

                Worst part about being Primal: can't eat ice cream!
                The life I have today is far better than I deserve.......

                M, 58, 6'0
                SW - 192
                CW - 180
                GW - 165-170

                Current addiction: ice cream (and sugar in general).....doing battle with it!


                • Name: Erin

                  Your Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

                  Age: 33

                  How primal are you: In my head I think I'm doing well at eating primal, but in reality, I don't think I am. Soo, maybe 50%? Working towards 100%.

                  Do you consume dairy: Yes, mainly cheese and a bit of cream. And butter, lots of butter.

                  Do you drink coffee or tea: No coffee anymore, as it creates havoc in my gut. I'll drink the occasional tea, esp during the winter.

                  Motivator for switching to Primal: Weight loss, wanting to clear up digestive issues, hives, depression etc

                  Favorite exercise: Running after my three girls, walking, soon to be swimming, at home exercises

                  Best Primal food: Stir Fry

                  Best part of being Primal: No embarrassing digestive issues, energy, less anxiety & anger towards my kids

                  Worst part about being primal: The food bill! Having to tell others that I don't eat certain foods, eating out, trying to come up with menu ideas that my kids will like too
                  Last edited by blondiegreen; 08-16-2013, 12:41 PM.
                  Needing some accountability, so here's my stats:
                  34yrs old, 5'5"
                  CW: 163lbs (07/2014)
                  GW: 135lbs or less
                  Eating mainly paleo, but including a bit of white rice (don't call the Paleo Police!)


                  • Name: Katie

                    Your Location: London, England

                    Age: 20

                    How primal are you: I'll be committing completely from tomorrow

                    Do you consume dairy: No

                    Do you drink coffee or tea: 1-2 cups of coffee per day, herbal teas

                    Motivator for switching to Primal: Weight loss, want a healthier relationship with food (history of anorexia, now trying to recover from BED)

                    Favorite exercise: Running, walking

                    Best Primal food: Salmon

                    Best part of being Primal: Having clear guidelines, improved mood, better energy levels

                    Worst part about being primal: Cost, trying to explain reasoning to others who think it's just another fad diet


                    • Name: JULIE

                      Your Location: DEVON England

                      Age: 51


                      Do you consume dairy: YES (ORGANIC ONLY)

                      Do you drink coffee or tea: 1 CUP OF COFFEE AND PLENTY OF GREEN TEA A DAY


                      Favorite exercise: RUNNING

                      Best Primal food: STEAK

                      Best part of being Primal: FEELING ENERGETIC AND ALERT

                      Worst part about being primal: COST ALTHOUGH LEARNING HOW/WHERE TO BUY THE BEST I CAN AFFORD


                      • I am new to the web site but started paleo in November of 2012 and have had some excellent results. Stated at 185 and got down to 169 but have been stuck there, and have not made any progress towards a leaner body.

                        I am about 3/4 though the book but looking forward to the change.

                        The Questions:

                        Your location:Portland, OR

                        Age (If you want): 45

                        How Primal are you: 75 - 80%

                        Do you consume dairy: Yes a little cream in my one cup of coffee I have each day

                        Do you drink coffee or tea: coffee

                        Motivator for switching to Primal: I have tried every diet plan know to man kind and this is the only one that really worked. It's no longer a diet it's a way of life.

                        Favorite exercise: Swimming & Running

                        Favorite Primal food: Pork

                        Best part about being Primal: The improvement in my health

                        Worst part about being Primal: I miss pizza but have indulged and it does not miss me, I felt terrible afterwords


                        • Hi I'm Maggi c:

                          Your location: West Milford, New Jersey

                          Age (If you want): 24

                          How Primal are you: What even is bread?

                          Do you consume dairy: Just butter because it's delicious

                          Do you drink coffee or tea: yes both.

                          Motivator for switching to Primal: I needed a change to get me out of my destructive eating disorders. Also to boost my immune function since I'm now spleenless.

                          Favorite exercise: hiking/climbing any mountains around (terrified of heights, so imagine the hilarity)

                          Favorite Primal food: any and all seafood

                          Best part about being Primal: feels good man

                          Worst part about being Primal: explaining how and why I eat this way to EVERYONE.

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                          • Name: Stuart
                            Your location: West Yorkshire UK

                            Age (If you want): 38 almost 39

                            How Primal are you: try to be 100% but in reality about 90%

                            Do you consume dairy: Yes just a little milk, find it hard to get raw milk

                            Do you drink coffee or tea: coffee

                            Motivator for switching to Primal: Change in lifestyle for my Kids, I lost a lot of weight on a crash diet and then had problems maintaining it. After speaking to a nutritionist they introduced me to Primal Life and after reading Marks book I am sold.

                            Favorite exercise: Walking, Cycling and trying kettle bells

                            Favorite Primal food: MEAT and leaves

                            Best part about being Primal: Getting rid of the Sugar Cravings, and honestly feeling the best i have ever done

                            Worst part about being Primal: Being thought of as Weird and going through a phase!. But I just try not to be too pushy about Primal and let people judge of how i feel and look


                            • James - New to Community Forum

                              Your location: Chesapeake, VA

                              Age (If you want): 38

                              How Primal are you: 99%

                              Do you consume dairy: Greek Yogurt and Grass-fed Cheese

                              Do you drink coffee or tea: Tea. I love coffee but acid reflux prevents me from doing so.

                              Motivator for switching to Primal: I discovered that I had a gluten allergy. I had horrible symptoms and conventional medicine was not helping (and neither were the doctors)

                              Favorite exercise: Push-Ups (standard, wide, military, etc.)

                              Favorite Primal food: Uncured Bacon (from Tendergrass Farms) with local eggs.

                              Best part about being Primal: Improved health. I haven't felt this good...ever.

                              Worst part about being Primal: Travelling can be a little tricky, but I am beginning to look at it like a forager.


                              • So i am new to the website, wanted to introduce myself, i have been lifting weights since 2005, i got started in college, i got really big (Fat) and strong, went on a diet in 2010 and have been stuck in a rut since 2011. I'm really looking forward to being primal for the rest of my foreseeable future...

                                my goal is to get leaner then bulk up quite a bit.. i look goofy right now

                                The Questions:

                                Your location: Tigard, OR (Beaverton)

                                Age (If you want): 28

                                How Primal are you: 90% - 95% (Paleo)

                                Do you consume dairy: No Dairy yet, i used to eat full fat greek yogurt which i will re-introduce after 8 weeks or so

                                Do you drink coffee or tea: both

                                Motivator for switching to Primal: I have tried pretty much everything else, i have been stalled at 165lbs for about 1.5 years and i want to get leaner but i just cant it seems like...
                                plus my GF is on a PALEO challenge and it motivated me

                                Favorite exercise: Weight Lifting and Sprinting.. not running (ha)

                                Favorite Primal food: Beef/Pork

                                Best part about being Primal: i Love the way i feel most days without the bloat

                                Worst part about being Primal: All of the smells of the SAD diet... however its easy for me to resist