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  • Hey, it's fun!

    I've just started on the PB a little less than a week ago and while I am not noticing any real changes yet, I feel fantastic.

    While mostly this is for my health, I have to admit that like many people, part of this is vanity. I've never been overweight (I'm 5'8 and 135lbs at 24 years old) but have probably gained about 10lbs since I moved to Chicago three years ago. I think most of it went to my upper arms and, to an extent my legs, which I'm self-conscious about.

    Mostly though, this is a serious effort to make sure everything that goes into my stomach is as real and good as can be.

    The transition wasn't difficult since grains were never a huge part of my diet to begin with, and chucking everything in my fridge with HFCS in it was cathartic.

    The biggest challenge, unfortunately, will be finding more time to exercise. I already walk nearly everywhere. It's the heavy lifting part that I will have to focus on most. Also, fruit is my kryptonite and I'll have to make a real effort to cut down on it.

    Today I had:

    -2 eggs in a smidge of butter, a dollop of greek yogurt with blueberries and 2 strawberries

    -Handful of olives

    -Asparagus, yellow pepper and broccoli seared in red wine with ground bison

    -Small piece of 85% dark chocolate and some wine

    The best part of the PB? I'm more passionate about food then I've been in a long time (and that's saying something, because I am very passionate about food.) Making sure I cook my own food as often as I can is FUN.

    I always try to get friends together to cook a few times a month. Perhaps it'll be a bit harder to convince them that full-fat is the way to go. Anyone in Chicago want to join us for good eats?

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    Hi Rachel, Glad you're having fun! That seems like a tiny amount of food to me, but if it's enough for you then great, all healthy and delicious!

    I'm with you on the fun, It's one of the best things for me about going Primal. I totally love cooking, and coking real good foods in new and interesting ways has really increased my enjoyment of food.

    I've been cooking for my Medical student friend a lot the past few weeks. He's pretty CW in his thinking, but he's coming around, and at least is much more critical in what he believes. I found that the food I make is generally received as delicious and healthy, but surprisingly lacking in carbs... When food is good though, people sometimes just don't notice! Cook something delicious with good meat and lots of Veg, and see how it goes down.

    And keep having fun in the kitchen!

    Apparently I suck at life, so I'm crowd-sourcing my decisions, and sharing what I learn.

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      Thanks! I haven't put too much thought into eating more, I just eat til I'm full.