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  • So I stopped lurking and decided to post...


    I'm a 26 year old Brit. I have been interested in eating healthily my whole life (honest- I was the kid who wanted a salad instead of the chips and sausage on the kids menu). Being a big animal lover, I went vegetarian at about 12 and was miserably on that for the vast majority of my awful, depression-filled, acne-filled teenage years. I flirted with veganism twice, never lasting longer than 1 week.

    I found out about the Paleo diet about two years ago. I loved the idea as it made sense to me- this is what we're programmed to eat, right? I started adding meat into my diet. I felt happier, more energetic, etc. I cut all refined sugar for 6 months and my BAD acne, which had been there since I was 14 and no doctor prescription could shift, suddenly cleared. However, I lapsed, and got poor, and I left Paleo in my 'things to pick up again in the future' bucket.

    My boyfriend went away on holiday for a month and suddenly I thought I'd go Paleo for the entire time. As in, really 100% strict (no little bits of sneaky rice or anything) Paleo, just 'to see', just to tick the box. You can probably guess how it went hence me being on this forum. I felt AMAZING. Skin cleared. Energy went way up! One day I just thought I wanted to go running (my bf loves running but I am too lazy to accompany him, ever) and I ran over 2 miles non-stop. Before I had to stop after a quarter of a mile. I felt HAPPY. So, I love this.

    My bf is very supportive of Paleo but not interested in it for himself- he eats a regular non-Paleo healthy diet, lots of salad, good meat, etc., but doesn't cut any sugar, wheat, and loves running half-marathons so does stock up on the carbs sometimes. When he buys bread and stuff I find myself really lapsing.

    I'm going to be honest- since he has come back, and with my mega money troubles, I have been eatng grains. I have cornflakes with xylitol (mmm Frosties) for most mornings and about 2 slices of bread a day. I know I need to cut down, and I will. Am having no more than max 6g of refined sugar a day (most days nothing). But I am committed to 'one day' going full Paleo, and I believe in it and LOVE it- so I'm glad to be here
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    Slapping hands, put those grains down


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      I know Tell you what- since I have joined this forum I am going to have NO MORE FROSTIES (the cornflakes with xylitol). I love them so this is a big deal. I'm going to do my Paleo breakfasts again. The bread might need to wait another week or two. It's so darn easy to just buy a sandwich

      BUT!!! I will do it that's why I'm here x


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        Bread has always been my weakness; my mom would bake it everyday, from loaves to hot buttered biscuits.
        Sugar was easy to put down, sandwiches still hard but I don't want to start all over again getting over them, so I pass.
        It gets much easier everyday, plus you stay on a low carb high and that's very cool.


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          I can't remember the last piece of bread I had. I don't miss it at all. I do eat rice and potatoes (not together) at least once a week. Kettle chips are my weakness! 8)